Boys need male role models: PM

Submitted by Editor on Sun, 05/09/2004 - 23:44

Prime Minister John Howard today repeated his promise to change family law to give fathers a fair go and avoid boys growing up without male role models.,5936,10626482%255E170...

The Courier-Mail (Brisbane)

31 August 2004

The Government has previously announced plans to introduce family relationship centres across Australia involving welfare organisations specialising in family counselling.

"I think it is a terrible tragedy when families break up," Mr Howard told Brisbane radio 4BC.

"Boys in particular will end up with no male role models, and with fewer and fewer male teachers in schools. This is a huge problem."

Mr Howard said that at present, many separating couples immediately went into their individual corners like boxers and called in the lawyers.

"Unless you have a very compatible settlement everything becomes a stalemate and people waste their money in pointless court disputes," Mr Howard said.

"Now what we need is a shock absorber so when people do separate they can get some advice and try to reach an agreement before attitudes harden too much about access and custody."

Mr Howard said he believed the changes would benefit men, who were often poorly treated under the present custody system.

"My concern was that too many children were growing up without having fatherly influences in their lives," he said.,5942,10626482,00.html



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