Bush and Musharraf (Dr.Abdul Ruff Colachal)

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Bush and Musharraf

The terrible US-led terror wars have taken their claims in lives and materials. While President Bush has been on the receiving end both at home and outside, including its "backyard" Europe, Pakistan's President Musharraf for none of his faults is in great trouble for quite some time engulfing him in one or other crises.

If Americans have died in Middle East as well as Afghanistan it is because of the aggressive foreign policy of President Bush, indirectly supported by the Democrats, but with no fault of their own many Pakistanis have also died as part of US-led war against the unknown "terror" and searching for one "video tape specialist" Osama. USA exhibits its military prowess as it is keen to control the intire world as Germany did before the WarII.

The politicians in Pakistan, as the Democrats in the USA, have been restless because they want to loot the nation in the name of serving it "better", while the media both in Pakistan and outside it including India give free counseling to Musharraf to shed his military uniform. In fact there is no logic in asking Musharraf to shed his uniform, for that would not help establish a real democratic system in Pakistan.The world does not know a real democracy, in spite of claims by a few countries of being democracies. The fact, therefore, remains that his uniform cannot be a problem for Pakistan which is under constant threat from its "important" neighbor India whose missiles target, apart from economically important sites, the vital installations of Pakistan.

By underplaying the human loss in Pakistan for the sake of US interests, the US politicians as well as government officials are launching scathing attack on Pakistan and have even threatened to invade that country too, ostensibly to apprehend the so-called "terrorists". Musharraf is under greater distress justifying his actions in the county.As a 'soldier' as he calls himself, he has great stamina to withstand both domestic and external pressures.

Pakistan criticized U.S. presidential candidate and top Pakistan officials said Obama's comment was irresponsible and likely made for political gain in the race for the Democratic nomination. One does not know what makes the USA go too harsh against Pakistan of late. Perhaps it has got some thing to do with the vague Indo-USA nuclear deal, rather than the upcoming Presidential poll in the USA.

Outside the Arab world it is only the USA which Pakistan can trust and approach with confidence. This is the basis of Musharraf's quick support offered for US plan of action in Afghanistan. USA, unable to appease its own western partners, should try to be less arrogant with its own friends like Pakistan. The Pakistanis in general are annoyed with Musharraf more for his continued support for the USA than domestic problems.Washington’s Bush should be doubly grateful to Musharraf and Pakistan for whatever they have done for the USA thus far and his administration should give up threatening tone, apart from dissuading the US politicians from doing so for political purposes.

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