Children in Care suicides

Submitted by Webmaster on Thu, 30/11/2006 - 14:42

From time to time alarming albeit unofficial information surfaces about the suicide of children supposedly in the care of the government. Recently for example, 7 children in care of the Department of Children's Services in the north Queensland area were apparently desperate enough to take their own lives.

The department however is keeping their mouths shut as if they have something to hide. All requests for further and better information have fallen on deaf ears.

Do you have first hand experience and knowledge of a child in the care of the department taking their own life? If so, parents and people need to know. Please post your story here but do change names or dates to protect the affected families and friends. Send us your suitably witnessed statements for presentation and disclosure ONLY to an officially appointed Royal Commissioner.

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Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 01/12/2006 - 12:44.

When I spoke of suicides in connection with the DOCS I meant the suicides of the mothers of the children in care who have been treated so abusively by docs. I did not know of the children. But this will always be blamed on the supposed individual mental health instability.


I believe these deaths were in part because of the treatment of these women by the DOCS and jointly the department of health


Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 13/12/2006 - 14:44.

We always talk about kids committing suicide but we all have forgotten about the parents despair when kids are removed based on false allegations.

For men in total its around 1200 suicides a year that have had anything to do with DOCS and any other anti male department.


Does anyone have any figures of how many Mothers have committed suicide in Australia per year with similar situations?.

Any Suicides with anything to do with DOCS

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 15/12/2006 - 11:50.

I also would like to know the amount of suicides in total in QLD alone which includes Mothers Fathers and Grand parents that have had anything to do with the Department of Child Safety whatsoever.

Is someone smart enough here to get those statistics and put them on this site.


Yes and I am one of them

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 30/11/2006 - 15:20.

False allegations are the most despicable accusation that a person on this earth could do. Like many of us fathers that have been evicted out of our own houses, out of false allegations against your own children only for the child to say persistently that there has been no abuse. In my case my three children have continually said that there has been no abuse to the point that my eldest has been contemplating suicide. As I am not around I could not actually see what was going on but my wife was very concerned and she was rushed with cuts on her hands (multiple) to the doctor, which was documented. She explained the reason why she did this was that all she wants in life is to see her father as she cannot understand how a bit of gossip and a false allegation can get so out of hand. At the moment I must protect myself and my family at all costs because this department of gestapos is no doubt out to get me because it is in their nature. Why don't they listen to what my child has said. All she wants to do is see her father. At the moment all my children are being professionally counselled and have been seen by three independent doctors who have taken written statements from the children regarding abuse conducted by the Department of Child Safety against my children. I would love to say more, not yet guys, because I have the evidence to prove what they did to my children, which was shown to the doctors to prove to what I said and what my children have said is 100% correct. I am going to get out of this mess of false allegations and then its time to expose the dirty filthy tactics that the Department of child safety will use to extract any information out of children to sink their father and you wonder why the kids want to take their own lives.
You guys from altnews, one day I would like to meet you and you can talk to my children, the truth comes out of the kids. I will never forgive and even when I am dead I will never back down.
Anonymous today but not another day.



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