CMC Accepts DoCS Royal Commission Inquiry

Submitted by Legislation Lisa on Fri, 13/07/2007 - 13:54

Another Quick Update....>

The CMC have accepted an application for a Royal Commission Inquiry into DoCS, Qld (15th June, 2007) and are now preparing to go ahead with the Inquiry.

Listen for national news items very soon.

Soon, our cases will no longer be individual!


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Urgent help and support needed

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 25/07/2007 - 22:31.

Can you pleae help me.I have a hearing in just over a week, to attempt to get my beautiful little girl home. She has been place by the department with a known abuser involved in a reconised cult. She was abducted in a traumatic house raid.
She crys herself to sleep every night for missing me. lisa or anyone, please contact me.I have to defend many unbelievable lies!Made by the man the department has placed my child with against me, even though he not at all a trained, or registered carer, no even a relative!
Plus false allergations made by department workers. This is all very wrong. Does anyone relate to what i am up against? please, please help me!
My email address is;



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