Cruelty and xenophobia in the 'lucky country'

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-by John Pilger

The Australian writer Donald Horne meant the title of his celebrated book, The Lucky Country, as irony. "Australia is a lucky country run by second-rate people who share its luck", he lamented in 1964, describing much of the Australian elite as unfailingly unoriginal, race-obsessed and in thrall to imperial power and its wars.


Government policies killing Aborigines

On January 18, the Australian ran a story on a leaked report commissioned by the Peter Beattie Labor Queensland government on the shocking living conditions for Aborigines in Queensland (see accompanying article). Green Left Weekly asked Sam Watson, Murri leader and member of the Socialist Alliance, about this and the ongoing struggle for justice for Indigenous people in Australia.

Justice for Mulrunji campaign grows
Landmark stolen generations bill passed
Report on Indigenous disadvantage suppressed
TJ campaign continues

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Venezuela: Chavez calls for united socialist party

When supporters of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez rallied in the Teresa Carrena theatre in Caracas on December 15 to celebrate their presidential election victory, "there were cheers in the back half of the theatre", wrote Caracas-based Marxist writer Michael Lebowitz in, "but few in the high-priced seats".

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Why the rich hate Hugo Chavez


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International News

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# Why the rich hate Hugo Chavez
# Venezuela: Chavez calls for united socialist party
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# Bolivia: Cochabamba challenges governor
# Ecuador's Correa calls for socialist Latin America
# Haiti: Two years since the killing of Abdias Jean
# Indonesia: 'Withdraw mandate' campaign stirs elite concern
# Indonesian party defies intimidation by police and thugs
# Israeli defence chief resigns over Lebanon invasion
# China: Wrangle over law to legitimise looted state property

Comment & Analysis

# Whose 'Aussie values'
# Uncovering the impact of Work Choices
# Understanding and fighting racism: CASE FOR SOCIALISM
# Somali leader: 'Bombing is US policy all over the world'
# Government policies killing Aborigines
# John Pilger: Cruelty and xenophobia shame and stir the 'lucky country'
# More, not less, rail services
# Jack Thomas hounded by 'anti-terror' laws
# Rail cuts opposed
# Tamworth revises racist refugee decision
# Unfair dismissal laws dead

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Cultural Dissent

# An angry, funny expose of the arms trade -- As Used on the Famous
Mandela: Underground Adventures in the Arms and Torture Trade By Mark
Thomas Ebury Press, 2006
# Terrorism and the grumpy old lawyer -- Rumpole and the reign of terror
By John Mortimer Penguin/Viking, 2006
# Mark Seymour: 'We must protect our democracy'

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