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The Center For Information Awareness

The Center For Information Awareness(CFIA)is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to bringing awareness to world issues, facilitating citizen communication, and making independent news accessable.
Our initiatives include but are not limited to:

* Creating open, free community email lists
* Promoting the independent media through local and international campaigns
* Creating a venue for independent news organizations to feature their material and thus expose it to new and broader audiences.

We at The Center For Information Awareness know that in order for democracy to function and for powerful structures to be held accountable, citizens need to have access to unfiltered information. A certain degree of transparency is necessary for democracy to work. In providing a space for citizens to communicate freely, we think the powerful will be more accountable to the public.
If you have any questions or coments please Contact Us

Kens Comment: Altnews has been asked to promote the Currents of Awareness independent news site. Please do take a look. I have listed the first article under each of the site topics below.

Currents of Awareness


Contribute to the COA and Get a FREE Copy of YES! Magazine!

Steve Anderson - May 04 2005

Sign up for any of the monthly automatic contributions or one time donations and recieve a free copy of the YES! Magazine.

Remember that you are not just contributing to the COA, but rather the entire independent news system.

Since we are independently funded, we rely on our readers/community for funding.

Please help us get independent news to you.

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Naomi Klein On The Rise of Disaster Capitalism
Amy Goodman - Apr 22 2005

"If the reconstruction industry is stunningly inept at rebuilding, that may be because rebuilding is not its primary purpose," writes Naomi Klein in the cover story of this week's Nation. "If anything, the stories of corruption and incompetence serve to mask this deeper scandal: the rise of a predatory form of disaster capitalism that uses the desperation and fear created by catastrophe to engage in radical social and economic engineering."
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Lauara Miller - Dec 31 2004
PR Watch

Thanks for the (False) Memories: the 2004 Falsies Awards
This year marks the beginning of a new tradition for the Center for Media and Democracy. To remember the people and players responsible for polluting our information environment, we are issuing a new year-end prize that we call the "Falsies Awards." The winners of the Falsies Awards for 2004 are:


Popular rebellion in Ecuador- dispatch from the streets

John Dennehy - Apr 26 2005

CUENCA, ECUADOR – By a unanimous vote Ecuador's lawmakers removed President Lucio Gutierrez from office Wednesday (April 20, 2005) and replaced him with Vice President Alfredo Palacio, following days of intensifying street protests.
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Farming for Families and Food, Not Corporate Profits

Corrina Steward - May 04 2005

Foreign Policy In Focus

Two contradictory visions of globalization are sweeping around the world: one favors a top-down model of economic development via militaristic, corporate aggression. The other favors grassroots-led, democratic pluralism and seeks to produce diverse local development models suited to the needs of local communities.
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ChevronTexaco Shareholders Reject Eco-Friendly Proposals

Dave Reynolds - May 02 2005

About 100 demonstrators from environmental and other groups protested outside the ChevronTexaco annual general meeting Wednesday while stockholders overwhelmingly rejected three resolutions regarding environmental protections.
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Sardonic Utopia

Vexation - Apr 27 2005

Washed out idealist.
Losing to hypocrisy.
Clinging to fading delusions.
Holding on to corrupted objectives.
Dancing in the darkness.
Guided by the pale moonlight.
Exhausted by the futility.
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