Depleted Uranium, The Global Menace

Submitted by Callemity on Tue, 20/02/2007 - 11:17

Photo courtesy Iraq Solidarity News- by callemity

Shortly we are about to see the true lunacy that the Western World has unleashed on itself and the rest of the planet when - without any doubt - the Bush Cartel operating in sheer desperation go ahead with their intentions to secure the 70% of the worlds natural gas supplies so that they can exploit their massive oil fields Stateside. It makes no difference who or what will be harmed providing the multi billion dollar cartels are not 'harmed' by a massive, and moving global shift into properly formed alternative energy sources [especially China, despite the propaganda].

(Ed: click on photo for more shocking depleted uranium evidence.)

This Flash Film is a demonstration on what innocent people endure anytime uranium based items are engaged in any 'warfare' - the new name of Corporate Takeovers.

Americans can stop these Dogs by understanding what they are 'really fighting for' - the Gas under Iran and complete control of Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran fossil fuel supplies, for themselves and to get Israel 'financially independent' finally... that's what they are after - the absolute 'rights' to the majority of the worlds natural gas supplies - easily. It's easy to send in other peoples sons and daughters to die illicitly for Corporate Gain - the 'People' come first ... some people - the shareholders and interested highly paid directors who rely solely on the US Oil Addiction [with its syphon hose subject states behind it] paying high premium prices for gasoline and produce and product produced from the use of gasoline.

There is no need for the US to use so much oil resources - but for the lies and deliberate corporate manipulations that have been underway for the last 60 plus years as a proper, dedicated marketing campaign [fully 100% proven HERE , with references and names of WHO is responsible]

Know what the People of this entire planet are up again... and instead of playing into their silly games of propaganda spreading - start spreading the indisputible TRUTH... it makes the Neocons run and spray spittle of indignation in denial - it's the age old dispenser of Justice and it restores honor to any situation when engaged... and it's capable of stopping nuclear war in its tracks.

It's that simple - everyone knows someone else - everyone can orate disgust by using the Truth... and every last individual can make a difference simply by dispelling a lie, or another clapping seal like round of propaganda simply by speaking the Truth in the face of lies from liars and murdering scum such as is threatening this planet.

The People don't need mob rule - they need calm determination - all religions united to preserve the very Earth they believe their Gods gave man to 'caretake', every group, clan and club, every school and classroom and every last person can simply say NO MORE!

And finally - as one voice - mean it. Otherwise, we have 1000 years of horror and terror coming to our shores, and another million to undo the nonsense a few wicked men have perpetuated on this world... the following article is the fully linked version of a previous response to a forum: the original site copy is at:

"Crude oil is the real `currency' of the world," said Lindsey Williams at a gathering of the Midwest Concerned Citizens group in Kansas City on July 22. But Americans will never hear about huge oil and gas reserves in the United States, which, if ever tapped, would bring today's fuel prices at least as low as $1.50 per gallon and make America more energy independent.

As a Baptist missionary in the 1970s, Williams said he rubbed elbows with members of the world's power elite who boasted of detailed 30-year and 50-year plans to control the flow of oil and information.

To read the rest of this interesting article click on link and scroll down a little: HERE

 First at Forum: HERE And then there is Colorados crude reserves, the Gulf of Mexico crude supplies, the trade agreement with Canada for the Alberta tar sand reserves...

It was in the 30's that the Cartel [the grandpas of todays laddies ] quite literally 'preserved' a series of land in the US because it was oil land that they couldn't get out of the ground at the time. Many wells today have 75% of their total yield untouched because of inferior drilling and extraction methods.

Today, the US has an estimated quota at least equal to the entire Middle East under Colorado but is unable to bring it up in any volume because of a lack of natural gas.

Natural gas is the only commodity that can be heated enough to cause it to expand sufficently to drive the oil back up - because the oil is located in 'deep wells'. Fractional drilling is a by product of the process. It is used to literally dissolve and or 'crack' the rocks to make fractures that permit the oil to be bought to the surface more easily.

The Gulf of Mexico has outstanding reserves of oil in deep wells. That can't be bought up either, despite new US Military sponsored technology being used under license to Halliburton [through a multitude of interesting connections] because the US cartel do not have natural gas...

The Alberta Tar Sands rival Venezuelas for sheer easy access to the reserves but they are only viable if there is enough natural gas to cause the oil to be super heated to extract it from the sand itself - something that until the last not quite decade has been impossible to make pay.

There are relative, large and useful reserves of shale oil in the US in several locations and again advancing technology makes extracting the oil from the actual rock fiscally viable but only with natural gas.

The US has approximately 3% of the worlds Natural Gas supply and between the 'allied nations' they have less than 15% of the entire worlds known supplies of natural gas... Timor has natural gas, Afghanistan has natural gas... Iran owns 70% of the entire world supply of natural gas.

Iran refuses to do trade what any entity that it believes is entangled with Zionism [not to be confused with 'Jew' because the former is a political extremism, the latter is a religion, there is a remarkable difference, the Catholic Health Minister of Australia is a 'Zionist Sympathizer' .]. It doesn't just 'talk the talk' - it is ILLEGAL in Iran to do business with the Zionists.

It is also illegal to bribe Government officials to gain natural gas contracts - something Halliburton discovered when the company was expelled from the nation, and one of its government ministers jailed for corruption. Aside from the bribery charges, Halliburton is named as a Zionist sympathizer that is struggling to prove otherwise and find 'Gas Contract Footing' inside of Iran.

At the same time, looking at a map of the region, one can see that the main supply source for US Cartel gas is in Qater and that area - which is in missile distance of Iran who doesn't trust the USA as far as they can throw the country because of its Zionist attitude to life in general - a feature 'illegal' in Iranian laws.

This distrust has been generated by greedy Cartel operators who coaxed Iran special forces into helping aggitate Afghanistan before 'real war started' because the Taliban flatly refused to sell at a loss to Carlyle [who was named]... and; then turned their back on Iran, which lead to China gaining an unexpected contract for 25 years of massive gas export rights, complete with Iran supplying China with 85 HUGE boats to transport the gas - straight to Venezuela where Chinas three new crude oil refineries are being constructed as I type.

This is all readily available by researching the oil news sites - they are all quite willing to discuss it and to ridicule the lunacy that has driven the US into wars that didn't have to happen - the US HAD the contracts to extract the gas to allow them to exploit their own oil sources - until BUSH INC shafted Iran who retaliated legally and legitimately against Halliburtons 'illegal behaviors'. That is what happened.

Shortly thereafter - Venezuela commenced buying fight jets from Russia equipped with missiles capable of sinking US Aircraft carriers. Chavez is the South American 'outlaw' because he has used his military mind and has successfully made it quite difficult for the US to attack Venezuela.

If they do, they will need to bring their planes much closer - and Venezuela has equipped itself specifically to destroy the fleet before it can even launch the worst one - these new planes can fly further, and dispense a missile that is 'unstoppable' and travels much further about 20 feet off the water - locked onto its nominated target... all thanks to Russia who is no longer the happy camper it was a couple of years ago since the US decided to flex some muscle.

The Chinese have been busy the last half decade, securing all kinds of supply contracts for oil, gas and coal, uranium and other nice stuff that helps it maintain its top ranking as polluter number one. China can extract its oil from the Venezuelan fields and never break sweat because it owns three of the most advanced, high techology savvy refineries in the world ... and this is done using gas out of Iran as well as native Venezuelan gas... Bush Inc just bought up a few hundred acres of land in Paraguay that has enough water and gas on it to make it 'worth buying' - and installed at least one US Special Forces 'Protect-A-Corp' Unit into place.

Currently, Chavez and Co have achieved precisely what he set out to do - they are systematically closing out the US [and its state of paranoia - Israel and all its other subject states of submission] from the ability to actually 'solve' its oil addiction solely because the Cartel won't pay fair prices , look after the environment or take proper care of its workers, organizers riots, massacres and assaults against unionists and general bullies entire regimes into submission based on 'oil money' - their only true currency.

Carlyle and Co have successfully ruined one Canadian Retirement investment fund with its inability to secure natural gas supplies to exploit a hedge fund sponsored area - a six BILLION dollar loss to the retirees of Canada - straight into the pockets of the 'developers' and never to be seen again... countless other small hedge fund investment syndicates have gone under and several nations have tightened their control over privateer expansions - including China who successfully stopped Carlyle dead in their tracks last year by refusing to sell them [cheaply] an oil machinery production company - at the same time, while trying to rewrite EPA laws to be based on 'per machine' rather than 'actual output'...

China slowed them down and saw them start transferring funds from oil into Pharma Corp acquisitions and the serious acquisitions of an entire global library of media outlets in many languages and for billions upon billions, including deregulating Australian media and allowing a 'two party' monopoly to spend big and rearrange it to suit their propaganda... they eventually allowed them to go ahead only after a large whack of the global 'privately owned gold' caused the massive gold price hyke of last investment year.

That's the other side of the story - certainly the conspiracy commenced in the '30's last century with the preservation of certain lands opened out today by this Administration... they were always meant to be and then owned and or controlled by certain sources. Naturally - those particular entities presumed that the rest of the world would be subdued easily and profitably and instead has found itself backed up against the wall with a rock and hard place on either side and no where to go but to - jail.

If only the people of the USA would know the TRUTH - the Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Coup in Timor are specifically to get at one of two things: gas for the Oil Cartel and or; crude oil and water from Iraq for Israel who expects to sell it into the Caspian and become its own little oil tycoon state accordingly. Again that is entirely up on the internet in the oil sites where the plot is rapidly coming unstuck and the US Cartel are rapidly running out of options - resulting in the sudden turn around into alternative energy - especially nuclear and coal fired plants - they own the uranium mines and coal mines in Australia.

To give that some context - South Australia produces the best weapons grade uranium in the world. Halliburton own the exclusive corporate rights to mine and process it... Halliburton - the syphon hose corporation that Cheney bought with him to his throne - is now also running the UK nuclear weapon and power station program... and Cheney has 100% access to the 'top secret technology' giving new meaning to the phrase - Hostile Take Overs... and Corporate Warfare

Halliburton is the only private company believed to be able to deploy its own private, nuclear equipped army of mercenary soldiers across the globe within 24 hours... Soldiers For Hire - Halliburtons other name.

The world should be very afraid of the completely insane people running the USA right now but first they must know why this has happened... pure corporate greed by a few very stupid, and ignorant men has caused a 'failed business plan' to come to fruition, killed more than a million people, destroyed heaven only knows how many millions of acres of primary lands, driven up global drug production and successfully destablized a region that was actually more stable prior to the US trying to liberate its natural resources...

The US People should also be aware that the US is held by propaganda hostage methods to the beck and call of the ever more whiney little Israel who is losing their own decades long effort to take over someone elses home and make 'em like it or move out... Israel is run by bigots and racists who are itching to use a biological weapon they claimed to have - proudly - in the early nineties that affects the Arab genetics and only the Arab genetics... there is no way of knowing if that is a truthful claim or not but it is far far too late to find out after a plague like illness sweeps across the entire Arab blood line - including those who are half bloods or less - there is no other detail available and yet, it was the Israeli Government itself that released the information originally with great pride.

The US people must decide whether they want to understand the real problem or simply keep on blaming the superficial surface issues - the 'big stuff' is significantly more criminal and incriminating than the gloss and floss that is typically put to ground by the media - protecting its owner as its job description now reads.

And the US People need to put down all the glossy flossy 'nice stuff' and start doing some real looking into what is happening because when enough of them do understand it - the next US Revolution should commence shortly thereafter... if nothing else, the Americans are not backwards about taking on assholes within their ranks either - once they finally figure out how that all works against them!


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*It's a fairly sure bet that the evidence about Iraq was cooked... only wishful thinking and creative denial keep that from becoming a real public issue and the war continues unchecked. It's a fair bet that at some point 'evidence' will surface that is going to seem to incriminate a couple more of the targets of mass destruction by the US Military on the say so of the US Administration. The hype is going to choke the average thinking being - being anchored on some incidental material may help ride it to shore again...

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*True Intentions:
*We've been hearing a lot about how this or that nation isn't allowed to obtain these or those weapons... then - we're told that Israel is at risk and it's not a threat and can be trusted. Really. In the articles prior to this, we explored the different 'gang agendas' : Bush Inc vrs Everyone else.

*The Global Stew... :
*Months ago, someone in Alternative Media suggested that the reason Iraq was important was not to 'get at the oil' but to 'keep it in the ground'... the last two articles I presented showed a grand global race to see who can lay the biggest pipe lines to ship natural gas/oil across continents - and how we're watching a creeping spread of Imperialism coming dead smack up against a Socialist faction and everything on either side is almost speechless but to heckle!

*The Plot, She Thickens! :*
In the last article, I pointed out the massive new enterprises happening between South American nations and especially Venezuela and Russia. Today, the plot thickens and we can see further into this crystal ball of intrigue and Corporate War... no wonder Chavez doesn't like Imperialists much - you really can't trust the SOB's as far as you can throw that DU weapon! I digress...

*Just Sayin' ... :*
The average person doesn't believe he or she makes much of a difference to the general scheme of things. That's not true - every individual helps to contribute to making the messes we get into - by direct action or indirect complacency. If we all make it as bad as it is, perhaps we can all reverse that, one at a time... and even if no one else is watching us!

*We said no... and we meant it! :*
There's always at least two ways of looking at something - the glass is half full or empty so to speak. Chavez' actions have other interpretations as well as the ones currently being bandied about. On top of that, it's just darn right uncharitiable to apply ones own suspicious nature to a situation prior to having explored other potential options. So, to even it up a bit and make sure no one knows what to really think, here's another potential take on the situation.

*Deceived and Colonized...*
I've come under fire from the Venezuelans and Americans alike for my stance about Chavez' and his motivations or politics. The below quote, from a article, is one of the reasons I hold these sentiments. Chavez isn't fond of privatized corporations and the problems they bring as they arrive and simply take over...

Depleted Uranium, the global menace.
Date: Today 07:26:51
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Royal Society on Depleted Uranium

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 21/02/2007 - 09:09.

The military use of depleted uranium (or DU) has generated considerable public controversy. DU is a chemically toxic and weakly radioactive substance. Its use on a battlefield can lead to it being spread over a wide area, and many have claimed that this has adverse health effects for those on the battlefield and those living or returning to live in an area where DU munitions have been deployed. In response to these concerns, the Royal Society convened an independent expert working group in 2000 to review the present state of scientific knowledge on the subject. The working group published reports in 2001 and 2002.

Full article:

UK radiation jump blamed on Iraq shells

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 21/02/2007 - 09:06.

- by Mark Gould and Jon Ungoed-Thomas in the Sunday Times on February 19, 2006

RADIATION detectors in Britain recorded a fourfold increase in uranium levels in the atmosphere after the "shock and awe" bombing campaign against Iraq, according to a report.

Environmental scientists who uncovered the figures through freedom of information laws say it is evidence that depleted uranium from the shells was carried by wind currents to Britain.

Government officials, however, say the sharp rise in uranium detected by radiation monitors in Berkshire was a coincidence and probably came from local sources.

The results from testing stations at the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) in Aldermaston and four other stations within a 10-mile radius were obtained by Chris Busby, of Liverpool University's department of human anatomy and cell biology.

Each detector recorded a significant rise in uranium levels during the Gulf war bombing campaign in March 2003. The reading from a park in Reading was high enough for the Environment Agency to be alerted.

Busby, who has advised the government on radiation and is a founder of Green Audit, the environmental consultancy, believes "uranium aerosols" from Iraq were widely dispersed in the atmosphere and blown across Europe.

"This research shows that rather than remaining near the target as claimed by the military, depleted uranium weapons contaminate both locals and whole populations hundreds to thousands of miles away," he said.

Full story:



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