Desley Boyle Loses Plot in Parliament

Submitted by Legislation Lisa on Wed, 22/08/2007 - 09:48

Legislative Assembly 2625
Tuesday 21 Aug 2007

Ms BOYLE: On investigation if it is discovered that officers in my department have in any way performed less than adequately in protecting those children, indeed it should then be a matter for the opposition and other members of this parliament to question me closely and to then express their dismay about poor performance. However, I say to opposition members and all other members that if they wish to ask a question that is relevant to any of the children in care in Queensland, for the sake of those children they should first ask it privately.

They should give me the chance to get the information to them. Only when inadequate performance is demonstrated should it become a matter for argument in this House. When it comes to matters of child safety, the health and wellbeing of the children should be put ahead of politics.
Mr Copeland: Look at what your government has done to this department over the years.

Ms BOYLE: …. How would you be after you have managed a number of such cases—and, sure, some other children where the situation is not so grim and some other kids who are being well cared for—and home you go and you think you will put up your feet, sit down with the family and watch the news, and here is somebody on television saying, ‘What a dreadful lot are the officers of the child safety department,’ and absolutely lying through their teeth about the circumstances in which their children have come to our attention, blaming our staff absolutely unjustifiably.

Sourced: Qld Hansard



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