DOCS and Police get your act together

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 06/08/2007 - 10:39

Sitting down last night enjoying the movie on channel nine “Catch me if you can” and I get confronted with a propaganda ad from the police union about the bashing of Police officers whilst on duty. Now you read the papers and you watch the news and you see the Police union vice or acting president Denis Fitzpatrick saying that people who assault or seriously assault Police officers to be hit with a mandatory Police sentence. Well I have to agree with you on that one Denis as we all should respect the Police today but what I would like is for you to go one better than that and one for the general public and that is we send all the Police bashers to prison like what you want and because the public and courts today trust Police we send all the Police LIARS that lie to have a person charged, Police that fabricate evidence to have a person charged, police who lead a witness to have a person charged all go to jail. You cannot watch TV without being rubbed up the wrong way “eg” an episode of Home and Away showing a Police officer PLANTING drugs in a night club only for the reason of getting an arrest that will lead to a conviction, or again in the same show you see the same police officer removing evidence from a police station so charges will have to be dropped against his Ex wife and mind you this had the blessing of his superior. Now this is only Television but for people who sit down in the evening and have been genuinely lied too, or have had fabricated evidence or had a witness against them LED I find the show to be OFFENSIVE. See the way I look at it is like a friend told me he got caught stealing electricity because he bypassed the electricity meter to save on his bill, now he should have known better than that but he was just an ordinary individual not a person in the trade but if a Licensed Electrician did this and because he or she should know better they should have the book thrown at that person and lose his or her license and so should the Police or anyone working in a critical area (LETS SAY JAB and DOCS) who willingly know the damage they can do by lying, fabrication, leading a witness to have a person charged in other words trying to get a conviction if the matter goes to court.
We all have seen lately on the news that Police do lie to cover their pathetic arses or their mates arses, they do lie or you can say bend the truth when pressure is put onto them to get an arrest by another Department mainly I say DOCS yes that dreaded Department of Child Safety that is full of LIARS!!!! So what do you say Denis?, that’s fair send all the Police bashers to jail and I send all the Police / and People working in critical positions that are Liars, Fabricators of evidence, Police / People working in critical positions that lead a witness to get an charge lets send all of them to JAIL!! Like the Electrician above if he steals electricity he should know better and so should the police so lets send them all to jail with a MANDATORY SENTENCE but knowing you ohhhhhhhh no you would not be in that because you have to protect your buddies even if you know that they are breaking the law. Now we won’t get into the contemptuous claims about the state coroner that got you in the shit over the Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley case won’t we but in general today police today have a problem, a big problem and it must be addressed by putting MASSIVE sentences to any police officer breaking any law that they supposedly represent.
I like others am sick of watching the news, reading the papers and wherever you look you see lately a member of the police force behaving badly, come to think of it what ever happened to that $100,000.00 that went missing from the Maroochydore Police station? Only a few officers had the combination of that safe, nothing more was ever said on the news about this matter and like you said officers do make mistakes. You read stories here in QLD where the police raid a known person to them where the person complains about the police about harassment and finally gets sick of it only to install a video camera to record the police entering his premises again but this time the police spot the camera, stop the recording, record over the recording to remove evidence and deny it ever happened only to be caught out because this guy set up two cameras and two recorders and the second camera covered the first recorder . Now I call this perverting the course of justice after all who would believe the word of a trouble maker over a cop, a high ranking officer said Now I wonder who that was!!“Quote” “how disgusting we have an individual that is trying to entrap the police” well its ok when the police try to entrap an individual because it has happened to me via a pretext phone call and I bet you it has happened to plenty of others, just look at the Brimble case where the men of interest had their phones bugged + all the entrapment that is going on over the internet which is not a bad idea to find the real perverts but really is this ethical?.
Now you all want a pay rise and you once again try to blackmail the state Government by saying “Quote” we will not man our Radar and we will not issue tickets to hurt the Government in it revenue. Now we have a huge contradiction here because as we all have heard a million times it has been said by at least 5 high ranking officers that the use of Radars is not for revenue raising, radars are used in conjunction to cut our road toll but when it’s the Police’s turn to extort a pay rise its ok to say to the Government that we will go on a go slow raising revenue via radars, so tell me which one is it raising revenue or cut the road toll?.
So lets get back to the original story you want police bashers to be mandatory jailed, and to be fair on both sides I want people working in critical areas like the Police or CSO’s of the Department of Child Safety (DOCS) mandatory jailed because they work in critical position where by Lying, Fabricating of evidence or leading a witness they could destroy an individual or a family. Let’s be fair on both sides.

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Corrupt Cops

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 08/08/2007 - 13:42.

All you have to do is look at yesterdays Courier Mail (7/8/07) front page and what you see is another corrupt cop going to jail, nothing has changed in the last 20 years only that the cops are smaller so they're easier to bash, more useless women in the force that let their Male Police partner down in time of need and they are a little smarter and harder to prove when they break the law but when they do and get caught you will always see members of the Police force turn up at their homes or at court to give them support. How PATHETIC, what message does this pass to the public as to how many turned up this time at Beenleigh court.



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