DoCS NOT to Delay Court Proceedings

Submitted by Legislation Lisa on Fri, 17/08/2007 - 10:54

“For legal practitioners to delay court proceedings to the benefit of alleged pedophiles and child abusers is abhorrent and I commend Judge Helen O’Sullivan on behalf of child victims for her recent stand against these avoidable delays.

“The Department of Child Safety and the Police do as much as they can to bring offenders before the courts, and it is important for the justice system to recognise the emotional impacts delays can have on child victims.

“Of further concern is, that until Child Affected Hearings are completed, offenders can be walking around in our community preying on other innocent children.

“There are clearly deficiencies in the processes of handling certain cases, which has led to the detriment of the psychological recovery of abused children.


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Submitted by True Justice (not verified) on Fri, 17/08/2007 - 17:32.

Have you seen this?

A one eyed politician

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 17/08/2007 - 13:55.

What a lot of crap! This Jann Stuckey must think in every case that everyone that has been charged with an offence against a child is guilty! What is she, Judge, Jury and Executioner? Wake up will you. Hasn't she ever heard of false allegations? Especially when you have a mountain of evidence to prove you are innocent, including video evidence. She says the delays are hurting the kids. Well what about me? I have been trying to push my case along but the police continually are using stalling tactics, personally, I can't wait to go to court, because I cannot wait to see the reaction of the jury when they watch the video which is in complete contradiction to what JAB and DOCS said. Thank god for technology. Poor kids!! They can go to hell. What about my kids? They have been kept away from their father for 1 1/2 years on a false allegation, no evidence whatsoever, just a lie from one child because he got booted out of the house and decided to get back at me by starting a rumour which got out of hand. Politicians and people with a mentality like the above make me sick. The pathetic JAB police today fail to do a proper investigation, they reckon they haven't got the resources. I even told the police where to go to investigate this child and they didn't but they spent time investigating where I lived 1000 kms away. They have no interest in getting the truth, so whats going to happen when I roll up to the court with my expensive barristers and lawyer and remember I have not seen my kids for around 1 1/2 years as of todays date and they have changed for the worse according to my wife (going off the rails because of anger). Now you tell me what in the FUCK is the jury going to say when the evidence gets piled out on the table against the child? What am I doing here? Why wasn't this stopped earlier? People say the police don't care, people say the lawyers don't want to stop it because this is where they make their money. And at the end of the day, I am the one who has been mentally scarred and so have my children because of a false allegation. You must remember you cannot sue DOCS they are protected by the act, it is just about impossible to sue the police officer who conducted the police investigation as they spit out those magic words "DUTY OF CARE" so all you can do is sue Beatties government. Again the people with a mentality like the above make me sick, rot in the lowest level of hell. Do you honestly think delaying my case is hurting the child who put the accusations against me? NO, IT is laughing ITS head off. I am the one thats getting hurt and so are my children.

DoCS Coalition Need to Know...!!

Submitted by Legislation Lisa on Mon, 20/08/2007 - 10:09.

Well 'One-Eyed Politician' - you sound about as healthy as the rest of us.

Thank you for venting your anger and spilling the truths of your (obvious) experiences with DoCS... NSW? Qld? I'm not sure where you are, but nonetheless, you have what we all have - Systems Abuse for us all. Go ahead - we are the Pioneers of this DISEASE we should keep this coming so that future Psychologists (paid by the DoCS returned budget) to work with when ordered to 'heal' these poor parents.

I would like to attempt to answer your question on what is going to happen to you/your child?

A: I would assume they will be returned to you with not another glimpse at the destruction they left behind. Particularly that you have a 'jury' - that's a good thing - nothing better than the general public seeing what a C--- act the DoCS have done to you. It's is easy as sharing your story with those that are NOT with the DoCS or any connecting Govt. Dept.

If you can prove you charge, find a distraction until the court date and speak frequently with your expensive Barrister to keep yourself focussed and assured, then go in and get your kid back.

By the time this happens, I'm sure your child will come back with apologies and the works, however by this time, we are hoping that the rest of us (hopefully yourself included) will have begun the Class Action suit we ARE going to sue the Dept.

EVERYBODY is suing the Dept - you think a child dies in care and the parents grieve without recompense? If only you could get your eyes on these cases that are kept quiet - why? Becuase the Department.... listening......

ALWAYS SETTLE OUT OF COURT!!!!!!!!! Guess why????

Also - Jann Stuckey - she is doing the best with what she knows about. What she knows about is what her consortiums feel should be presented to her. unfortunately for most regular people not involved in Politics, we do not understand that MP's like Jann Stuckey and the Coalition Office - it's their job to take the 'in office' people DOWN! They want to be there! In this case, they SHOULD BE THERE!!! Sure - they're John Howard's people, but Labor in Queensland is taking us back to a Bjelke-Petersen regime.


It is your responsibility to make your case and the pathetic cirumcumstances surrounding it - known to these people! Even if it doesn't bring you immediate results, it needs to be known!

Legislation Lisa
Cairns - FNQ

Legislation Lisa

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 17/08/2007 - 11:01.


Are you not the person whom has had child taken from you some 8 months ago due to Adjournments?

This Media Release above is very interesting as it outlines that which the MP's are noticing and putting forward at Question Time way back in March....

It just amazes me that regardless that this question has actually been put to the Minister way back in March and here we are nearly in September, and you STILL AWAIT a proper hearing due to Adjournments?

U N B E L I E V A B L E ! ! ! !



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