DoCS Royal Comm. Submitted 15th June

Submitted by Legislation Lisa on Sat, 23/06/2007 - 15:25

Good News at Last!

The Opposition Party have submitted a formal request to the Crime & Misconduct Commission to have the Department of Child Safety investigated under a Royal Commission Inquiry. This report was submitted Friday 15th June, 2007.


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Submitted by Legislation Lisa on Sat, 14/07/2007 - 13:11.


Your time is near. You have nothing left to do but wait out the Qld Inquiry and you will see, somewhere midstream, they will do the whole country.

Legislation changes as serious as these to come, will become MANDATORY in every State - there cannot be any doubt. Others from here on will be able to have families and give birth just like the old days....

Unfortunately for you Zenkristar, possibly our worst case yet - you have no gain in their pain. You can only wait until they hand you enough money so that you at least have the knowledge that, not because of the actual money, but the NOTION BEHIND IT.... not amount of money can fix your loss, but the knowledge that the country now KNOWS ABOUT YOUR LOSS and how completely structured and pathetic it was to be done by our own Government, is possibly all you really want.

Rest assured - you have always deserved MORE and its not even much - just the return of your child. That cannot be anymore, so prayers to you and your family and I hope you find some solace in the 'justice' about to be churned out to the MF Bastards that took the chance of an innocent child, to continue any life at all.

Also, you should perhaps start sending your story - have your solicitor prepare or use what you already have prepared, perhaps its time to send it direct to the CMC seeing they have all the other stories at hand at present. Don't worry that they are Qld - they will be sure to put it on file and also pass it onto their oncoming Inquiry into NSW and the rest of the state.

Legislation Lisa
Cairns - FNQ

NSW Royal Commission into DoCS

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 08/07/2007 - 14:08.

NSW DoCs are covering up the Child Deaths and not acknowledging many of the children that die in their deadly care.

The collusion between the CDRT, the Ombo and the dept is nothing short of sensational in NSW.

Please contact me to let me know how I can help bring the depts sensational neglect to the fore!
for those children still living



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