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Submitted by Editor on Fri, 30/07/2004 - 20:59

Will it ever come to an end -- this method of governing by lies and deception?

Here is just another example of doing what they want, while appearing to be doing something for the people.

Joe Bryant

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

One of the rules in the book of how to control the world -- set up 1895, by those who are now doing just that, states "...........we must provide both options, if we want to get what we want; one option good, one option bad; we must then present the argument for both, until there is clear debate in confusion and one of the options will be accepted, the one we want".

Another of the rules in that same book, says "............we must control information".

So, today, we live with a system which is following the rules to the letter and we are forced to live with the apparent best of two bad choices, and we think we have succeeded.

Wrong, the controllers have succeeded, not us.

The South Australian Nuclear Waste Dump proposal:

The Howard Government has abandoned plans to establish a low-grade nuclear waste facility in the Woomera area of South Australia, mainly because a High Court decision went against the Commonwealth's forced acquisition of its preferred site.

The fact is, an international company, according to authoritative reports, already has at least tacit approval for nuclear waste dumps in both South Australia and Western Australia. These leases are designated and the areas tested for stability, with the designs being well advanced.

This approval is not for low-grade nuclear waste but for highly dangerous nuclear waste from nuclear power plants around the world. (Remember our warning comments re the Darwin to Alice Springs rail link construction -- gateway to Australia or doorway to Asia -- built by Halliburton (US) K.R.B. with a fifty year ownership deal).

Will any Australian government have the authority to reject such a proposal now that the USFTA ( GATS ) is signed?

Will Australia be obliged to simply receive this material irrespective of its origin?

If Canada's experience is repeated, the likelihood is that our Government will not have the power to intervene, and yes, we will have to accept the nuclear waste.

Australia's major parties are compromising our national security and demonstrating a lack of responsibility on what is really a matter of environmental vandalism.

It's simply not an option for taxpayers to adopt a 'wait and see' attitude, or accept the politician's 'trust us' deception!

A timely reminder from Lyn Stanfield.



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