[EJF] EJF newsletter - Above and beyond - follow up 5/16/04

Submitted by Editor on Sun, 23/05/2004 - 12:32

In an April 29, 2004, EJF newsletter I lauded the extraordinary humanitarian efforts of Lionel Richards of OzyDads in Perth, Australia, for his attempts to help Mark M__ in Iowa in the United States after receiving what appeared to be an email wherein Mark was contemplating suicide after:

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May 19 2004
1. Wife got kids in divorce.

2. Wife got busted for operating methamphetamine lab in December, 2003.

3. State took the kids.

4. Dad asked for custody.

5. Dad just had visitation cut off for daring to ask for custody.

As most of you are aware, such events as this are everyday occurrences in the current system operated by corrupt politicians, judges, and social workers who mouth platitudes about supporting marriage and families but operate behind the scenes in the fashion Mark experienced. And the male suicide rate in these situations is off the charts.

So Lionel's heroic efforts to locate and provide succor to Mark in extremis from the antipodes were well justified. Both Lionel and I have received numerous requests for a follow up on what happened to Mark.

The good news is that Mark is alive and as well as can be expected. He lives in a tiny village just east of Interstate 29 between Omaha, Nebraska, and Sioux City, Iowa.

The latest information I have is that William J. Wagener onsecond.thought@verizon.net will do a TV interview of Mark on May 18th, although it is unknown when or where that show will air.

If you want further details on Mark's interview I'd suggest you contact Wagener.

Chuck Corry

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to Mark M

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 01/05/2006 - 18:17.

I see that you give up too easily, you have people that say they want to support you over the internet? then accept their help and keep fighting .The only reason why the state have KEPT your children is because you have stopped fighting.



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