EU continues aggression on Palestinians

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EU continues to negates visa for Hamas representatives
But they can subdue the resistance nor impede dialogue

Salah Bardawil, spokesman of Hamas, and Mohamed Rantisi, brother of the killed leader of Hamas, were scheduled for a European tour including France, Italy, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Austria.

But despite promising signals at the beginning France denied to grant visa. Doing so they just applied an European policy decision to isolate the elected representation of the Palestinian people. The EU is therefore liable for and implicated in the U.S.-Zionist crimes against the starving Palestinian people. This episode shows once and again that Europe is nothing but a slave of U.S. imperialism forming a section of the U.S. empire.

The important news is, however, that Norway, which had already dropped the
Black List, signalled readiness to speak to a representative of the new
executive of the Palestinian Authority (PA). The U.S. immediately intervened
to impede such a meeting thus showing that they are the mastermind behind
the isolation and confirming the limited sovereignty of the EU states.
Interestingly Norway rebuffed this interference. So we will continue on this
track to break the isolation of Hamas covering up a current genocide.

A second though smaller success of the campaign of the European
anti-imperialists regards Sweden, which is in difference to Norway a member
state of the union. While ruling out a meeting with Hamas a spokesman of the
foreign ministry said that not all Hamas members are terrorist which implies
that visa is not ruled out in principle. Even that was enough for the
hysteric Zionists to summon the Swedish ambassador to the Israeli foreign

We are not surprised by the EU's criminal position which is in continuity of
its colonial, racist and genocidal past. After having killed millions of
Jews they use this to help the extermination of Palestine as a nation now by
a starvation blockade.

The democratic and anti-imperialist forces will continue the campaign
against the stranglehold of the Palestinian ghettoes and for the recognition
of their democratic join. Let alone the Palestinians: history shows that
even the most cruel and powerful repression could not stop them to fight for
their right to self-determination.

The only viable solution for a just peace is to smash the Zionist Jewish
state of Israel and to build one single democratic anti-imperialist state of

See call and schedule of the our:


1) France impedes European tour of Hamas
2) Bolivarian revolution must go on - 10 million votes for Chavez
3) Italy: On the victory-defeat of Prodi
4) From Caracas to Vienna: protest against EU summit
5) Athens Anti-imperialist Anti-capitalist meeting


2) The Bolivarian revolution must go on - 10 million votes for Chavez
Bolivarian congress in Europe to send solidarity delegation to Venezuela

In forthcoming December 2006 the Venezuelan people will be called to the
polls to decide over a renewed mandate for president Hugo Chavez. Since 1998
a huge majority especially among the poor classes has been confirming the
Bolivarian transformation in seven elections or referendums.

In Venezuela the people prepares itself for a new anti-imperialist battle to
confirm its president. The campaign set as its goal 10 million votes for
people's power, anti-imperialist sovereignty and the socialism of the 21st
century. To achieve victory broader layers of the people must be politicised
and dragged into the political process. As the electoral participation in
Venezuela traditionally is very scarce the real show of strength is the turn

Therefore we invite all democratic and popular forces and individuals to
join hands in a international campaign to support Chavez in the elections of
December 2006 climaxing in a solidarity delegation to Venezuela.

Before we propose to hold in autumn of 2006 in Europe a Bolivarian congress
expressing international solidarity to the anti-imperialist efforts of the
Venezuelan people and preparing the ground for an Anti-imperialist Front as
proposed by Chavez.

Full declaration:


3) Let's prepare for worse to come
Anti-imperialist Camp on the victory-defeat of Prodi

The centre left has won the elections or better the referendum on Berlusconi
by a hairbreadth. But the confirmation was given only after the imperator
Bush eventually called Prodi thus making his investiture effective.

With the end of national sovereignty also politics died away and their
remains only the distribution of seats as well as of the public resources.
According to D'Alema, president of DS, electoral promises are vague, what
really counts is the assignment of offices. Padoa Schioppa, a well-known
senior bank manager, is designated minister of economy and Bertinotti, chief
of Communist Refoundation, will become president of the chamber of deputies.
These are signals emitted in different directions which, however, well
converge. The first sends the vampires of international finance a sign of
stability while the second tells the left to keep quiet.

There are some who believe that there will be a big new cycle of social
struggles to put all this into question. We also hope so but we can not set
on such imponderable factors. We, however, foresee a period of reflux as the
centre left works for paralysing and neutralising the social conflicts. The
anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist forces thus have to prepare for a
difficult period of loss of consensus and a difficult resistance.

The pro-governmental degeneration of the so-called radical left will affect
even important parts of the antagonist left. After having shouted loudly
against Berlusconi they now lower the tone. The only positive aspect of this
crisis is that it might shake up the left and we have to help this process.
Whoever does not understand that he has to cut the umbilical cord with the
centre left and the bi-polar regime is lost and doomed to go under. So no
big leaps are ahead of us and we can only count on our own forces and our
tenacity in opposition.

Full analysis:


4) From Caracas to Vienna
Representatives of antiimperialist popular movements calling for Bolivarian
and antiimperialist unity on the occasion of the EU-Latin American summit in

From May 10 to 13, European and Latin American forces critical to
globalisation will hold the alternative summit "Enlazando Alternativas" in
parallel to the official meeting of the European Union with Latinamerican
heads of states due to take place during the Austrian EU presidency.

On the occasion of the alternative summit in Vienna, we will discuss first
steps and initiatives towards an enforced antiimperialist coordination.

Two important representatives of the Colombian opposition movement will be
present. Colombia is one of the countries that are seriously threatened by a
US intervention. Luz Perly Córdoba, head of the peasants' organisation of
Arauca and human rights commissioner of the national peasants' confederation
FENSUAGRO was imprisoned for 14 months due to her social and political
activities. Gerardo Ariza Alvarez also was detained for three years in the
high security prison of Cómbita. His crime was nothing else than being
suspect due to his family tradition of left-wing activism. Both are
important advocates of the Bolivarian unity of Latin America and top
representatives of the Colombian popular movement, notwithstanding heavy
repression by the US-supported dictatorship.

Full call:


5) Athens Anti-imperialist Anti-capitalist meeting
Updated programme:


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