Expose Queensland's adult guardianship laws

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Media Release

A Brisbane family who has a member with an intellectual disability has organised a protest against Queensland’s guardianship laws.

The protest will on Wednesday the 29 August 2007 at 9.00 am. outside the Brisbane Magistrate’s Court, 240 Roma St. Brisbane.
(a client of the Adult Guardian is appearing before a magistrate there)

The protest will open with a traditional Aboriginal dance from family member Baganan Kurityityin Theresa Creed.
This will be followed by a forum chaired by Drew Hutton from the Qld. Greens

Spokesperson for the Family John Tracey says....

“We have called this protest to shine a light on Queensland’s adult guardianship laws”

“Qld. Guardianship laws are a totalitarian regime that encourages neglect, incompetence and cover-ups. People with intellectual disabilities are being allowed to fall through cracks in the system, some are ending up in gaol”.

“The only agency in Queensland authorised to investigate claims of neglect or abuse of Queensland adults with intellectual disabilities by their guardians is the Office of the Adult Guardian. The Office of the Adult Guardian is itself the legal guardian for many Queenslanders with impaired capacity. Therefore the only agency capable of investigating allegations of neglect and abuse by the Adult Guardian is the Adult Guardian itself – a clear conflict of interest.”

“The Guardianship and Administration Act was designed to be independent of the Attorney General and the Justice Department in order to avoid political interference. Because of this insulation it has become a law unto itself, with nobody including the Attorney General being able to investigate into its secret workings.”

“We are calling on the Queensland Attorney General to immediately take the Guardianship and Administration Act back to parliament and amend it to include some form of accountability structure for the Office of the Adult Guardian”.

“The Adult Guardian’s responsibilities to wards of the state can only be accountable, scrutinisable and transparent if its guardian function is separated from its investigative function.”

“ The Office of the Adult Guardian must be split into two separate agencies”.

“Our family has suffered the consequences of the system's neglect, incompetence and cover-ups. We would love to speak openly about it but we have had a suppression order preventing us from doing so.”

“Like many Queensland families we will not see justice done until the Office of the Adult Guardian is reformed”

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