(F4J) 60 Courts Hit by Fathers Protests

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World lists:
In addition to buildings in the UK taking part in the new game "It's a Lock-out", news is coming in that several buildings in the Netherlands ( Holland ) have joined in.

I understand that one doorway may have been bricked up in the process!

Dave Ellison

Matthew O'Connor
Mon, 02 Aug 2004
To: National Press 5

Campaigners from Fathers 4 Justice (F4J) today said they have closed or 'locked out' at least 60 Family Courts across the UK this morning in a widespread national action as part of it's response to the Government's recent Green Paper on Family Law reform.

Some security staff in Courts are believed to have been in the buildings at the time and are unable to get out.

The group say the 'low level' action is ongoing but will not give details about other possible protests though it is understood that some Cafcass offices have also been affected.

Up to 150 demonstrators have been involved and a series of roof top protests are now understood to be underway in Manchester, Gloucester and on Cranes on the site of the new Family Court buildings in Liverpool. More roof top protests are also understood to be underway in different parts of the country.

In London between 20-30 Courts and Cafcass offices have been affected.

Said an F4J Spokesman "Details are still sketchy but we understand that fathers have commenced what we describe as a 'low level' action against the Family Courts in order to disrupt the functioning of the legal system this morning."

"This is the response of fathers to the Government's recent Green Paper."

"If anybody thinks that it is going to be business as usual in the Family Courts, they are in for a rude awakening. We do not recognise the legitimacy or authority of Family Courts that remove children from their fathers for no good reason."


Subject: NL locations

These are the locations - all are Kinderbescherming (which performs the role of CAFCASS in the Netherlands. They advise the family courts, and are notoriously anti-father).

Alkmaar: Wilhelminalaan 1, 1815 JC Alkmaar (complete, with F4J flyer stuck to doors)

Almelo: Bellavistastraat 3, 7604 AD Almelo (awaiting photo more info than "it is now closed..")

Amsterdam:  IJsbaanpad 2, 1076 CV Amsterdam (incomplete, but with F4J flyer stuck to the door)

Middelburg: Buitenruststraat 4, 4337 EH Middelburg (with purple flag - awaiting photo, but could very well be a brick wall with flag on it!)

Rotterdam: Noordsingel 117, 3035 EM Rotterdam (complete, with F4J flyer stuck to main door)


Other breaking news:

Superhero dads and for the 1st time catwomen climb up on cafcass offices in Gloucester.

Other demos in Liverpool Manchester and Holland.

Court buildings locked up in many towns.

Come and support your local superhero dads.

-- Dave Ellison
International Co-ordinator Fathers for Justice:
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AOL Messenger: dad4justice

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