(f4j) Dad's condom bid for justice

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A Port Talbot dad has paid £84 for a packet of condoms autographed by two campaigners who hurled powder bombs at the Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Dave Ellison
From: BrainsSA
Thu, 26 Aug 2004 03:38:32 EDT
To: fathers4justice
(fathers4justice) Story in todays Port Talbot GAURDIAN

Exclusive by David Dulin

Pat Lyons of Wern Road, Margam won an internet auction on E-bay for the packet.

It is signed by protesters Ron Davies Guy Harrison who sparked a major security alert at the House of Commons in May when condoms filled with powder were hurled at the PM.

Forty Four year old Mr Lyons a South Wales Fathers for Justice campaigner said he bought the condoms because the incident represented a landmark protest by the group in the campaign for improved rights for dads to see their children.

"People are now more aware of what is happening and the problems fathers face getting access to their children," he said.

"I know some people will think £84 is a crazy price to pay for a packet of condoms however it should be compared with the 32 minutes of solicitors time it will buy.

Children are losing one parent usually the father from their lives at the rate of 100 per day, it's little wonder protesters are climbing tower cranes and targeting our Prime Minister with condoms filled with flour".

The  problem is further exacerbated when these "second citizen" parents find that the family court system is so overloaded that it may be 6 months before a case comes before its "deaf" ears.

A Port Talbot branch of Fathers for Justice will open next month and Mr Lyons said the group can only get stronger.

"As an absent father, I have found trying to be a good dad to my son over the last seven years akin to playing a constant game of chess".

  My role as a parent is impaired by the prejudice against fathers. "I am not even second in rank to see my child who quite frankly seems to have more contact with his X-Box".

"The financial gravy train of feeding solicitors can typically cost a father £5,000+ a year and much of his annual leave.




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