False Allegations

Submitted by Webmaster on Thu, 30/11/2006 - 15:27

Has your life been affected and your reputation been ruined by a false allegation? Are you or do you know someone who has been hounded to hell and back by government officials on the basis of a false allegation?

In a climate where people are rightly abhorred by allegations of paedophilia and child abuse justice is often not served by emotion and hearsay and innocent people have their lives and reputations ruined without any effective options for redress.

A false allegation or complaint from a vindictive neighbour or work colleague is often all that is needed to set in train a never ending process of misery and heartache with very little hope for real justice, aided and abetted by zealous government officials wanting to be seen to do 'the right thing'.

To add insult to injury a court may find you guilty of such allegations while denying you the opportunity to face your accusers and thereby denying you your most basic rights under Common Law.

Has your life been affected by such a false allegation or do you have first hand knowledge of such a situation? Then post your story here for all the world to see. Please change names and dates to protect the parties. Send us your suitably witnessed statement with as much information as possible to be handed to an officially appointed Royal Commissioner.

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Small claims

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 19/03/2007 - 15:57.

Just had my day in court. My previous accountant couldn't account, so I terminated his services. He quoted me $800, so I offered $400, but then he billed me $2.5k. Took me to court and this is how it went:

Judge said that he had grave concerns about my case - this was before he read any evidence. Every time I talked, the judge stopped me. Judge made some disparaging remarks about my profession - computers. I had a list of evidence marked EMAIL1,2,3, etc which the judge said was not in order (??). Judge made light of a physical abuse(this was a hit to my head when I was not looking by accountant's receptionist).

Judge then went away, came back and said there was no evidence of a $800 agreement, and made an assumption that there was not one. Neither side had disputed the agreement but the judge chose to dispute it. Judge then labelled my evidence as embellishment and awarded everything to the other side. The accountant didn't even have to speak. In my view, this judge should be disbarred - what do others think?

I own a dog a "Pitbull" Staffordshirer Bull terreir

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 08/02/2007 - 09:35.

I have a neigbour who is out to get me and my dog, she takes pictures and records myself and the dog in the yard...
She has complained and targeted my breed of dog with this new legislation in Ontario. Since I have had my dog I have had 2 visits from animal control, and now I get noise complaint letter in the mail.
This person has threaten to have my dog put down in a few months (planning to destroy my personal property) she has friend in the local animal control who came to visit one night and basically read me my rights to this dog and gave me the options of what to do with my dog....man I just want to now sue some people and I think I will for after all these people would given that thread of a chance put my dog down....Fed up here with ontario bull shite laws about PITbulls..


Stalking is not the case

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 08/02/2007 - 08:05.

My best friend, who is very shy attempted to let a young woman know he was interested in her, so he left her a note telling her he was interested in her and left his number, I was there when he wrote the note and placed it on her door, when she found the note she called the police and said she feared for her life since he left her the note and he was arressted and banned from his home due to the fact she lives next door. the note did not contain any sexual content, nothing disrespectful or malice, so after the first arrest everytime she sees him she calls the local police department and he is arressted on site, she has even had him picked up and we where all in the mall shopping she called the police and told them he had been watching her out the window all day (which he had stayed with family the night before and had been with me the entire day, the police picked him up as we were pulling in to his mothers house, we had proof we had been out together all day, but it didn't matter the false allegations have cost him his job, house, family, and reputation. He has been arrested on 3 different occassions, because this is a small town so going to walmart or the mall you could see anyone, so we have run across her in public places on several occasions and she has everytime called the police and he has been arrested. The law is set up to protect victims of true crimes not for immature people who get a rise out of runing peoples lives, but the structure of the law in this case is working for the true predator. Louisiana needs help

DoCS are no better than U.S. Cops

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 29/12/2006 - 11:37.

Its bad enough to have false allegations thrown at you but what is not ever expected is the amount of lies, twisting the truth, misleading and deliberately forgetting a relevant statement and when they interview independent professionals, they mislead them too with statements which are either incorrect or again misleading or partly missing, for the one and only reason to cause a shock factor to the people they are interviewing, so that the person they are talking about has to be guilty in the eyes of DoCS but not necessarily the police.

But now we have the latest that you can add to this collection and its called SHREDDING CHILD INVESTIGATION DOCUMENTS, only because it suits them to cover their pathetic arses when they get it wrong.
Years ago, it was called Families Department, today it is called Department of Child Safety and believe me nothing has changed, all they did was reshuffle the deck chairs of the Titanic because the same thugs are still there.

I thought we had it bad, please find a copy of the Courier Mail dated 27/12/06 on page 18 and you will read an article called FIGHT TO RIGHT LEGAL BUNGLE where the old version of DoCS and the police had got it terribly wrong. It is enough to make you sick to hear that they illegally shredded child abuse investigation documents for this case and for what reason? Hummmm, I will let you work that one out and if they are capable of doing this, the above is just a cup of tea for them.

Here is the link to the story on the internet.



False Allegations

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 22/12/2006 - 10:10.

I have been a member of the austech.info forums for over 18 months and the other day I spotted in the General chat forum a post about the Department of Child Safety and the way they conduct themselves. I was going to reply in that forum being a regular poster on that site but I decided not to mainly because some of the austech members for them which ever way I would have explained it to them what happened to me they would have twisted the story around only to suit themselves.

I will keep it short and simple

Back in December 2000 myself the wife and the kids decided to visit my sister in QLD, after a few days with a house full of kids and adults some of the family members went to the beach on this day but it was a cool day and I decided not to go, and one of my sister kids and her neighbours friend stayed home as they also complained it was cool and windy.

I spent most of the day watching television whilst the kids were on the computer on the internet in their room, after 30 odd minutes or so I continually heard the kids laughing and giggling so I entered their room to see what was happening and they reset the computer instantly.

Later on in the evening my brother in law used the computer and I told him what happened and he checked the computers history to see what they were looking at and he was horrified to see that they were looking at adult site that were not fit for children and this is where all the trouble started.

My sister grounded her daughter and also told the neighbour what happened but before you know it the Police and someone from DOCS QLD were knocking on the door with allegations that I inappropriately touched this girl that lived next door whilst I showed them the adult sites.

What a lot of shit!! I denied the allegations, my sister was horrified, and within three days I was charged with 2 counts of indecent dealings of a child under 16.

I had to face a committal hearing and the magistrate said that there was sufficient evidence to sent me to trial but luckily for me at a later date two months later whilst I was waiting for my trial the truth come out that the neighbour daughter put pressure on my sisters kid to lie so that lie would take the pressure of the kid next door for doing wrong and being punished for what she was doing on the computer.

The charges were dropped but DOCS in QLD gave my brother in-law and my sister heaps and made it very uncomfortable for them for over one year and once again we gladly returned back to NSW.

The thing I cannot understand is after the charges were dropped because the truth came out why did DOC continue with the bitching against my sister and her family + with the family next door, you would think that once I was in the clear that would be the end of the Police matter which it was, but not for this DOCS clan they just continued on their merry way trying to destroy two families, and did they ever say anything to the girl next door that accused me in the first place?.

Defiantly not, they were upset because the trail did not go ahead to hang me for something that I did not do.

What a bunch of losers and fucking bitches they’re.

This is the first time I have been back to QLD to see my sister since this happened and it is good to see that the young lying bitch next door no longer lives there.


Schoolies Week

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 01/12/2006 - 13:43.

I was reading this site a few days ago and now I have come back and can't find what I am looking for as this site changes so quick. I would like to comment on what I read about the 6 or 7 young girls that complained to the police during schoolies week about sexual abuse. I also saw the Superintendent Keogh on television and he did say they were false allegations but the way I look at it is, if it wasn't for video surveillance cameras everywhere on the Gold Coast, there would have been a possibility that someone could have been charged because of a statement of sexual matters to the police. Now, what bothers me and it must bother others is someone needs to be bought to justice here. I cannot believe that the police take statements from a young girl saying that she was sexually molested and the police do not lay charges as after they investigate they find that the charges were false. Why don't they charge the lot of them for creating a false investigation. Why do they let them off scott free?. Does this mean when these girls get older they will do the same thing again? I hope the police keep their names on record. I could just imagine if one of them would have been charged with an offense only to find out later that it was a false allegation.

Times have changes

Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 19/12/2006 - 14:27.

Times have changed
Because we are the way today you must protect yourself and always have someone with you when kids are at your house and I think the same goes with women, you cant trust anyone these days



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