Families of POWs Frightened By Kerry

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1. Families of POWs Frightened By Kerry
2. Replacing Cheney?
3. Rudy Giuliani Prepares for Presidential Run
4. Paul Johnson on Michael Moore vs. George Bush
5. Company Fires Employee for Eating BLT

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Aug. 30, 2004


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1. Families of POWs Frightened By Kerry

NewsMax hears from inside the Swift Boat Vets groups that Kerry's campaign and its allies in the media have been so intimidating that some critics are now fearful of coming forward.

The plan was to release the first TV ad with Kerry's own band of brothers from the Swift Boats accusing him of lying about what happened in Vietnam and his own record.

The second wave was to have POWs on camera accusing Kerry of betrayal for his anti-war activities after he left Vietnam.

Those two waves hit like political atom bombs.

The third wave of attack was to have the families of the POWs go on air to reveal how Kerry's activities hurt them and their imprisoned loved ones.

Apparently, there are also claims that anti-war protesters like Jane Fonda and John Kerry actually contacted the families of POWS, encouraging them to come forward and criticize the U.S. government. Some families were told that by criticizing the U.S. government their loved ones in Hanoi would get better treatment.

But getting POW family members to speak out has become difficult. After seeing how the Swift Boat Vets and the POWs have been treated, many are fearful of going public.

One who went through the ringer for speaking out was former POW Ken Cordier, a former Air Force Colonel. When a friend recently commiserated with the media drubbing, Cordier said, "The communists tortured me for seven years, this is nothing."

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2. Replacing Cheney?

NewsMax will be releasing its online survey on Dick Cheney and whether Americans support him to run as George Bush's vice president.

Early this summer, NewsMax heard that replacing Cheney was a serious consideration. But, the decision would not be made until the Republican convention - and then based on how the campaign was looking.

With President Bush's poll numbers up - due to the Swift Boat controversy - the likelihood of a change has declined. Had the numbers been as bad as they were two months ago, Bush may have been more willing to make a change.

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3. Rudy Giuliani Prepares for Presidential Run

One clue Rudy Giuliani has presidential ambitions is his active national political action committee (PAC).

Rudy's PAC is called Solutions America, which took in a sizeable $42,000 last month alone, according to the New York Daily News.

Rudy is not running for any office. So the PAC game is played to create national goodwill and get IOUs from other politicians - just in case the politician makes a bid for national office.

Rudy's nationwide PAC suggests he has passed on the idea of running for New York's governorship in 2006, when George Pataki's current term ends.

Who is contributing to Rudy's PAC? Such notables as Mets owner Fred Wilpon, Henry Kissinger and Giuliani's former deputy mayor, John Dyson.

4. Paul Johnson on Michael Moore vs. George Bush

British historian and author Paul Johnson, writing in Forbes, gave us our quote of the week:

"I am one of those who resent the way in which many showbiz personalities abuse their popularity by trying to bully voters into supporting their left-wing views. Many of them in London seem to be in the Kerry camp. The pop star Elton John accuses the Bush Administration of censoring music (if only it were true), a preposterous claim typical of the abuse coming from the greasepaint brigade.

"Hollywood, too seem lined up on Kerry's side. I haven't seen Michael Moore's anti-Bush movie. But all I have to do is to mentally line up Moore alongside Bush to decide whom I prefer. As Hamlet says: 'look here, upon this picture, and on this . . . Hyperion to a satyr.' Bush looks to be a man who keeps himself trim through self-discipline, while Moore is a gross, shapeless, unshaven monument to self-indulgence and gobbling."

5. Company Fires Employee for Eating BLT

Talk about shoving your values down someone else's throat. One company based in Orlando, Florida, has given new meaning to the phrase.

Rising Star Telecommunications fired Lina Morales for eating a BLT sandwich, saying she was violating company policy by eating pork - an "unclean" meat.

Morales has filed suit against the company - which has "strong Muslim ties" - alleging religious discrimination, according to Local 6 News in Orlando.

"I felt I was being discriminated against because I was not Muslim. I wasn't trying to make somebody else eat it," Morales said.

An administrative assistant with the company for 10 months, Morales was first warned about eating pizza with meat considered unclean by the Muslim religion.

Morales said she never signed anything agreeing to not eat pork, and that the company's policy "constitutes religious discrimination because it is based in Islamic law for the benefit of some Muslim employees ... and at the expense of non-Muslims such as Morales," according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Morales' attorney, Travis Hollifield, said, "It's just un-American," and "It's not in compliance with the laws of this country."

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