Family First Media Release - Family Tax Reform

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Governments have continuously applied double standards to family income tax, according to Family First.

Matt Burnet


Tuesday, 5 October 2004

Family Tax Reform

"Our tax system refuses to acknowledge the reality that families share their income amongst their members. Yet our Social Security System insists on treating families as an income unit," states Andrea Mason, Federal Party Leader of the Family First Party. "This problem needs to be corrected," she adds.

Family First proposes to reform the way Australian families pay tax.Specifically, Family First would work to:

* Implement taxation changes so that a family may choose to be taxed as an income unit and be taxed with regard to the number of dependents in the family household relying on the wage or salary, and

* Increase the tax free threshold with each dependant child.

This will enable the "income-splitting" to take place so families being supported on one wage are paying equivalent tax to families earning the same total amount but earning it through two wages. "Families should have the choice without facing financial penalties," states Andrea.

Family First also will call on the Coalition and ALP to address the serious erosion of take-home-pay to families through bracket creep.

In addition, families relying substantially on one income or who have several children are bearing an unfair tax burden. Mums and dads need real choice about how they balance work and family.

"If our country is serious about the need to care for families we should have a fairer tax system," states Andrea Mason.

CONTACT: Andrea Mason 0423 917 539

Mark Badham
Ph 0412 234440

South Australia
Darryn Keneally
Ph 0410 553 111

Lance Bergman
Ph 0409 502 895

Steve Fielding
Ph 0425 761 763

New South Wales
Roz Trestrail
Ph 0402 255 773

Peter Greaves
Ph 0412 165 096

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