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Quote: Labor's proposal of 'parental education' does not go far enough to protect Australian children, claims the Family First Party.

Matt Burnet


Tuesday, 5 October 2004


Labor's proposal of 'parental education' does not go far enough to protect Australian children, claims the Family First Party.

The ALP caved-in in late August to refuse to allow any curbs to be placed on internet pornography. "We all have to take steps to help the children of this country, and that starts with all politicians not ducking for cover when the powerful internet and pornography industry starts to complain," states John Lewis, lead Family First senate candidate for Queensland.

Family First believes that the current focus on penalties being increased, as proposed by the NSW State Government, is welcomed but will not stop the problem of thousands of children across the country being abused.

Family First has regularly championed the cause of greater child protection, and is the only party in the SA parliament to introduce the legislation to enable police to charge child abusers beyond the previously imposed statute of limitations.

Family First have already announced 3 of their key policies in this area which include: National child protection legislation, Royal commission into child abuse, and Internet filtering by ISPs.

These actions are necessary to curb the growing epidemic of people who commit sexual abuse through internet pornography and addiction.

"What is more important - the economic success of internet providers and pornography distributors or the protection and mental health of thousands of people in Australia," asks John Lewis. "We know that child abuse and pornography can never be totally stopped, but we need to limit it. All Australians know that the internet virtually forces inappropriate material through into unsuspecting homes," he adds.

Family First is proposing an 'Opt in' policy to internet pornography, rather than the current 'Opt out' policy. The majority of family home users do not have adequate safe-guards to protect their children from internet pornography. The Family First proposal is similar to the policy already in place for adult 1900 numbers, where people wishing to use the services must first apply. This protects those homes that do not request access to such material.

Contact: John Lewis 0412 739 050

Mark Badham
Ph 0412 234440

South Australia
Darryn Keneally
Ph 0410 553 111

Lance Bergman
Ph 0409 502 895

Steve Fielding
Ph 0425 761 763

New South Wales
Roz Trestrail
Ph 0402 255 773

Peter Greaves
Ph 0412 165 096

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