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Submitted by Editor on Fri, 01/10/2004 - 18:44

Paedophile Arrests Demonstrate Need for Family First Policy on Internet and Child Abuse

Matt Burnet

Friday, 1 October 2004

Family First policy for national child protection laws, and for all ISPs to provide internet filtering should come to the top of the political agenda after the recent arrests by Federal and state police.

"We cannot let the children of our country be abused in greater numbers every year due to numbers of individuals using technology for their own destructive means," said Andrea Mason, National Party Leader, and lead senate candidate for South Australia.

"Governments need to have the willpower to indicate their total objection to further intrusions on decency by faceless child abuse and internet cowards," she said.

Family First is proposing an 'Opt in' policy to internet pornography, rather than the current 'Opt out' policy. The majority of family home users do not have adequate safe-guards to protect their children from internet pornography. "What we are proposing is similar to the policy already in place for adult 1900 numbers, where people wishing to use the services must first apply," stated Andrea Mason.

This means that a home will be protected from unwanted internet pornography, unless an adult from that household directly requests it. This then squarely places the burden of responsibility on that individual to protect any minors at that home. Homes not requesting access to such services will automatically be protected.

Mark Badham
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New South Wales
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Written and authorised by Chris Baker
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