(Fathers-4-Justice) Update: Western Australia

Submitted by Editor on Tue, 10/08/2004 - 15:08

This morning Brett Kessner climbed a main roads structure over the Kwinana Freeway Perth with Fathers-4-Justice banners.


Western Australia
09 August 2004 (updated)

Soon after Brett spoke with Paul Murray on 6PR, the police negotiated him down offering to only charge him with trespass if he came down immediately, and to allow him to speak with the news media who had assembled below.

Brett came down just before lunch and after a brief interview with the TV News (channels 7, 9 10) Brett was whisked away by police and charged by summons to appear before the court at a later date.  The police confiscated our signs (as evidence) hopefully to be returned before our Father's Day protest rally on Saturday 4th September at the Family Court.

Brett's message is for the whole of society.  Not just disenfranchised fathers but also grandparents and children who's lives are torn apart by the Family Court's anti-father rulings.

F4J WA State coordinator Lionel Richards said "This was not an official Fathers-4-Justice protest but F4J do fully support Brett in his actions." 

"Fathers-4-Justice members have sworn to continue to stage peaceful protests and to commit minor acts of civil disobedience until the government acknowledges the wrong and rights it by properly reforming Family Law and returning Fathers to their children."  Mr Richards said today.

Nearly 2,000 submissions to the House of Reps inquiry poured out their souls on the pain and trauma caused by the Family Court's entrenched misandrist culture, yet the government in it's wisdom (or stupidity) seems to have ignored these heartfelt pleas by the voting public of Australia.

Children need BOTH parents and Fathers are important to the ongoing wellbeing of their children.

Western Australia


Brett Kessner is happy to speak with the PM or other government ministers and/or the media and is reachable on mobile 0414 345 000

For more information on Fathers-4-Justice WA activities please call (08) 9525 2135 or 0411 740075

For Fathers-4-Justice Australia policies and activities call Trevor Arthurson on (07) 3032-9075  or  0405 046 176

Best wishes,

Lionel A Richards   F4Jwa@okdads.com

WA State Coordinator 
Fathers-4-Justice (Western Australia)

-----Original Message-----
From: MC President [mailto:bk_at_mc@bigpond.net.au]
Sent: Sunday, 8 August 2004 11:17 PM
To: Lionel Richards


Following the Fathers 4 Justice protest through the streets of Perth last week, I have decided that I have had enough. What we have been doing is not working and we are being ignored. The longer I allow this to continue, the more men and loving fathers will take the ultimate and drastic decision to end their life in the face of overwhelming bias and discrimination from the Family Court and complete apathy from the Australian media.

I have decided that I will begin a solo protest in the morning and I will not end it until the Australian media stop ignoring the pain and suffering of Australian fathers. I have packed food for several days.

I will have my mobile phone with me and I will be contactable for as long as the battery lasts.

I am unaware what consequences await for what I am about to do but I am prepared to accept them, if my contribution helps to save just one life.

Forward this message to whoever you think appropriate


Brett Kessner
0414 345 000
F4J Protest Organiser
Men's Confraternity President

Men's Confraternity Inc.
P.O. Box 422
Victoria Park WA 6100
Ph: (08) 9470 1734
Fax: (08) 9470 6824
Email: help@mensconfraternity.org.au
Website: www.mensconfraternity.org.au

There are no problems, only solutions and opportunities.
but the last bastion of discrimination is in Family Law, with the target being FATHERS WHO LOVE THEIR CHILDREN yet have been disenfranchised as a parent.

To air your grieves and find solutions, try some of the following Family Friendly, special interest, Self-Help Support Groups and Online Forums:

www.FatherStatus.org ,
www.MaleVictim.net ,
www.SelfRep.net ,
www.FamilyRules.net ,
www.Disenfranchised.net ,
www.StopPAS.info ,
www.CSAclients.net ,



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