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Submitted by Editor on Thu, 05/08/2004 - 23:18

The Gloucester protest has just ended, after a deal was struck with the Police. Jason Hatch finally agreed to come off the rooftop, after the Police agreed to interview him tonight rather than in the morning. This means that hopefully he will be released in the morning rather than in the evening.

The police have already raided the houses of Dave Pyke, Martin Blackwell and also his partner Andrea (alias Catwomen). They are awaiting a warrant to raid Jason Hatch's house sometime in the next few hours.

From: "Adnan \(K\)"

Via: Dave Ellison

Wed, 4 Aug 2004

As always Jason needs our support and I urge everyone to call the Gloucester Police station on 0845 090 1234, ask for the custody suite and then enquire about Jason. Also ask has he been interviewed as per the terms on which he agreed to come down tonight.

Martin, Andrea and Dave have all been released and are now back home.

The day started at 5:30am, when a perfect takeover of the court took place and everything went like clockwork, despite loud thunder, heavy rain and sheet lightening.  The court security guards did not even realise what had happened until they were informed by the boys almost 3 hours later. Even the Police Inspector in charge thought that the boys had climbed up the drain pipes rather than using special ladders.

The weather in Gloucester has been absolutely atrocious, all day, with high winds, almost continuous driving rain, thunder and lightening. The rooftop was an absolute nightmare as well with only a few inches for our brave superhero dads to perch on, in these atrocious and slippery conditions.

the scene was absolutely perfect with a massive big black banner proclaiming over a Purple Hand print - THIS COURT IS UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT. A smaller banner (also used in the CAFCASS protest yesterday) proclaimed SUPER DADS OF FATHERS 4 JUSTICE - Fighting for your rights to see your Kids.

Purple flags flying high on top of the court building.  Gloucestershire F4J banner stood proud across the road in front of the court building with purple flags striding either side of it. Numerous other flags and placards perched out on the pavement directly in front of the court building entrance. The entrance which showed clear signs of the struggle the court staff had in clearing out the entrance doors from the LOCKOUT performed the previous night.

The court staff informed me that they had given up on trying to recover the rear entry doors (normally used by Child abusing Judges only) as it had been sealed to such an extent that it will need replacing, and they have not managed to get it open.

Although small in number the supporting act by the local members and also Andy (Cardiff co-ordinator), who took a day off work to travel up to Gloucester early in the morning, was unbelievable. The noise from this handful of supporters at time was deafening. All were soaked to their skin from the first minute but stood proud all day and only just finishing (1:30am)!!!

A special guest appearance by Batman and CATWOMEN (of CAFCASS demo fame yesterday) Martin Blackwell and his partner Andrea, was fantastic. Despitegiving themselves up voluntary, they were kept in custody over over eight hours.

A special thanks also goes out to Big Andy from Bristol who travelled up from Bristol during the early hours in order to assist the boys to get on to the roof. He also had a puncture on the way back down and had to walk to work!!!!!!!

The final twist in the days drama came right at the end when the big black banner, hanging proudly over the court building all day, just seemed to disappear and has not been seen since!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No one seems to have any knowledge of its whereabouts. I personally blame the seagulls that were circling around above the court building all day.  However, we will wait for an official report from the constabulary's forensic team!!!!!!

The local boys can now finally get some sleep after almost two sleepless nights and also spending one whole day in searing heat, and the next day in torrential downpours.

Once again the support from the general public was overwhelming, with a very high proportion of these being women. Support from the police officers present and a couple of court staff was also welcomed.

A number of fathers leaving the court who had been shafted well and truly by the corrupt Family Law were keen to join the group



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