Federal Police, You need the Department of Child Safety for help.

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 16/07/2007 - 14:04

We all have been reading the papers and watching the news and following the story behind the arrest of Doctor Mohamed Haneef at Brisbane airport as he tried to board a plane with a one way ticket to India. Now our Federal Police have tried their little hearts out to find evidence so they can charge him and it has taken twelve days before finally finding a charge that would stick so he could be held indefinitely. I must say that there must be a level of honestly in the Federal police as they were getting desperate to find evidence to charge him and they did not try to frame him or in other words SET HIM UP!!!
Now if the Federal Police are reading this may I suggest you ring up the Department of Child Safety with there buddies from JAB (Juvenile Aid Bureau) next time especially if you hold another suspected terrorist, but this time you do not find any evidence whatsoever even if you hold the person for months, DOCS and JAB will help you to charge him as they have this statement called the 93A statement where a child can put an complaint against you and even when the JAB police investigate you they might even find things in your favour to prove you are innocent but at the end of the day they will charge you and to make it even worse they will even charge you when they have not even interviewed you at any time or you are not present. Mind you I have been told by others that the Department of Child Safety does put pressure on the JAB Police to charge a person even if NO EVIDENCE, yes I will repeat it again in case if you have missed it or you sneezed whilst reading this NO EVEDINCE WHATSOEVER, but they will still charge you just because a kid can speak into a tape recorder or sit in front of a video camera (93A) and say to the police that the person did this and did that to me and to make it even worse after your solicitor has listened or viewed the so called evidence (93 A Statement) your solicitor notices the story from the complaintant has a tendency to change from date to date. So Federal Police, if you want to charge another person next time and you hold that person for weeks and this time you find absolutely no evidence just ring DOCS next time for help and they will help you to find evidence to charge the person and when you tell them (DOCS) that you have none they will have no trouble planting some or lying to say differently.
You wonder why there is going to be a Royal Commission against DOCS.
Mind you with all crime committed today the police look for evidence to charge a person “eg” finger prints, DNA, Video surveillance, Statements given from independent witnesses, Phone records, bank account records, accurate time records and many others to link a person to the crime committed and with that evidence they charge the person but when it come to children putting a complaint in because you told them to piss off from your house and keep away from your kids the police only use this 93A statement to have you charged without any evidence even after the child did not want to be medically examined but was medically examined by force and NOTHING was found.
So go for it Federal Police just get a 93A statement and you will have him next time a lot quicker.

The Laws need to be Changed, DOCS CSO’s need to be accountable for their lies, and not protected by the Child Safety ACT so you cannot sue them, thank God for the CMC the fun is about to start..

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Very true

Submitted by Toni Lancaster on Mon, 16/07/2007 - 14:19.

The comment...

"Mind you I have been told by others that the Department of Child Safety does put pressure on the JAB Police to charge a person even if NO EVIDENCE, yes I will repeat it again in case if you have missed it or you sneezed whilst reading this NO EVEDINCE WHATSOEVER"

Is very true.

Just recently here on the Gold Coast a man who had had a criminal charge dropped against him last year in November was to participate in a mention at court for a DoCS hearing.

Now, keep in mind that all DoCS hearings are supposed to be CLOSED COURT hearings...

Well, the arresting officer from JAB planted herself in the room for the DoCS hearing (knowing full well that it was a closed court) and sat there, waiting for the hearing to end so that she could ARREST the man once the hearing was over.

Fortunately, astute solicitors for the defence knew that the JAB officer was not permitted in the court room and they had her removed.

And didn't the DoCS CSO SPEW!!!

Getting another charged placed on the man would have been something that DoCS would have used to strengthen their case against the man.

The JAB officer had the idea of using what she heard in the court (from the man's ex wife) as evidence and re-opening the man's previous court case.

Outside the court house, the JAB officer and DoCS CSO sat together on a bench and stared daggers at the man because both of them knew they couldn't get him.

To the author of this post

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 24/07/2007 - 10:12.

Looks like the Federal Police must have read this posting and who knows maybe they did get help from docs but they have realy botched it haven't they. Did someone say keystone cops.? Get docs team leaders out next time because they won't stuff it up they're experienced at this sort of stuff of setting people up.

JAB Getting Wise to DoCS

Submitted by Legislation Lisa on Mon, 16/07/2007 - 14:44.

In my belief, I think the JAB are getting wise to DoCS.

The Department tried effortlessly to charge me when they first took my son. No amount of abusive phone calls from myself, included a threat, but they just couldn't get their heads out of their 'personal' feelings towards what I was saying and (sometimes) calling them.

I spoke the truth - LOUD AND CLEAR!!! I begged them to take the transcripts to court, where the 'content' would be viewed and the 'swearing' ignored, for there was such important content there, that no Psychologist, Magistrate or Solicitor could see otherwise.

The Police REFUSED to arrest me. They had all the transcripts of every call I made - and refused to arrest me once they were onto what the Department were up to.

They assured me I had every right to go ahead and access all the help I needed and was entitled to access, but just don't do anything wrong.

Legislation Lisa
Cairns - FNQ

Not JAB here

Submitted by Toni Lancaster on Mon, 16/07/2007 - 14:54.

JAB here on the Gold Coast are no angels.

If they think they have a case, but don't have enough to get a conviction, they sniff around for something else.

I must admit though that this is if they ALREADY placed a charge BEFORE DoCS began their own assessment.



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