Fiona Cristian vs Perpetual Limited Update - This  story has almost ended

Submitted by Arthur Cristian on Wed, 28/02/2007 - 13:04

-by Arthur Cristian

Last Wednesday, the day after the 2nd Eureka Stockade 21st February 2007, and the sheriff/security guards took possession of Fiona's home, we had a Sydney North Shore family who came out of the blue (the first one in 7 months) and wanted to buy the house for $900k (for the past 7 months or so all other offers were around the $800k mark leaving us with hardly any money due to bank & legal fees etc & besides we were determined to hold on to the house at all cost but we failed with limited man power at last weeks stockade). We all agreed on the $900k deal & contracts were to be exchanged by this coming Friday 2nd March 2007. This is why we have not said anything since last week until this deal was behind us.

The family had an established line of credit in place with the Commonwealth Bank to cover this deal with plenty of equity behind them and a strong cash flow as well. This morning they ring to tell us that the Commonwealth Bank has cancelled the line of credit last Monday and will not provide any other facilities to purchase our home. They have been with the Commonwealth Bank, same branch for 24 years. They then rang/shopped around and found that for the first time in over 24 years, they are unable to get any reasonable finance deals in place to buy our home. The man in this family earns big money. All that has changed for them, is they went from being an employee to becoming a partner in a business last October and the partnership injected 2 years of advanced wages into the partnership just in case. The partnership is now earning the same income (cash flow) as when they were employees. Their personal equity is well over 1.5 million dollars.

With this sale, Fiona would have ended up with around $70K to $100K and we planned to settle all our small private debts, cover school fees until the end of this year and funds to cover the music production of at least $30k and the printing of the booklet etc. This would have kick started our plans to work full-time in the freedom movement making money from music sales and booklet sales etc.

This deal was also important as it stopped the bank clocking up even further costs with 24/7 security guards in place until house was sold, real estate agent fees and advertising costs, further legal costs and worst of all, the avoidance of an auction process (mortgage in possession) completely controlled by the bank and its appointed real estate agent, leading to a mates rates selling price. The agents advice the prospective bidders/buyers in such a way that the selling price is as low as possible. I had been a professional salesman for 20 years and I know how these things work.

From the numerous true stories we have received from many hundreds of other victims of bank atrocities, over the years, we know that most financiers have been forewarned about us and our house and this is why this purchasing family is deeply shocked/stunned that what they thought was a bed of roses (finance) has turned into a desert overnight. They rang us this morning very upset and emotionally distraught.

We know that the Mammon Operatives are hell bent on bankrupting Fiona because we feel the house will be sold for around $730k and we will lose our cars, furniture and anything else left of value through Fiona becoming bankrupt.

a) I took on the ATO with an unsubstantiated debt of $225k and fought hard against this corruption & lies
b) refused to yield to Mammon,
c) leading to the ATO supposedly bankrupting me in March 2006
d) refused to follow the instructions of the bankruptcy trustee and have ignored him/them 100% ever since
e) was forced to give my 19 year old business away to my staff and walked away with nothing
we feel Mammon operatives worked behind the scenes pulling the strings that led to the most bizarre circumstances where
the switching of the mortgage/finance deal/contract with Fiona in August 2006 occurred and out of this has unfolded today's scenario. They must have known we were sticklers to truth, justice, fairness etc due to my battles with the ATO, Fed Govt etc and the documents I filled into court and then the press releases I put out after the bankruptcy judgment etc.

They are wanting to wipe us out of everything and make us destitute. This is the way of the old paradigm.

Such is life in dealing with Mammon (A FICTION with "everything" it has conceived being a fiction as well). Anyone who seeks to shift from FICTION must be attacked, ridiculed and punished economically or not. It all starts from the Astral World (fiction) where those of the rebellion reside (fiction), and with the trapped lost souls they captured & control (fiction), including the negative thought forms, entities and other forms of demons etc (all fiction), they attack people like Fiona and I (we are real - non-fiction). They enter the human experience (real) through the sub-conscious (fiction) as emotional thought processes (fiction), where no real feelings of love reside (fiction), where everything is detached (fiction) and no heartfelt bonds exist (fiction) and where chaos rules supreme (fiction) through the artificial world it has manifested (fiction) containing lies in and of everything that makes up the everyday life of those who live in Mammon's artificial society . Those of the Fiction do not want anything REAL to enter their Fictional World and disturb it. The lie must survive no matter what. The truth must be ignored no matter what. Welcome to HELL.

We have received some emails from freedom fighters over these past few days about me being negative, angry, aggressive, difficult, emotional, uncompromising, unloving etc due to the recent emails I put out about the second coming, self-fulfilling prophecies, separation addictions, confrontation is unconditional love, weakness of conviction due to fear and arrogance, the Darryl chronicles concerning the constitution and what we stated in Corporation Australia leading to Darryl's most serious threats to Fiona and I that we are treasonists and seditionists to Australia. That our real feelings IS GOD communing with our minds through our soul etc etc.

Up to this point in writing this email, CAN YOU feel/see clearly how the old paradigm works. It works from the astral world, through the ego and throughout the human experience. It (the lie) starts from FICTION (emotions) and runs through all forms of FICTION (emotionalised intellect) throughout life, until you die with the FICTION (emotion) and are trapped with it. The opposite applies to the truth where it starts from the SOUL (real-feelings) and runs through everything that is REAL-ALIVE-NON-FICTION throughout life until you die with the REAL-SOUL and return home from whence the REAL-SOUL came.

Those of the light are a most terrible threat to the darkness where the old paradigm is lodged for 6000+ years. Anyone coming from the distinctly different paradigm I write about would not have allowed to happen what is being done to us and would not say what they are saying about us (particularly with me) including the threats and negative write off's of character/personality & trust issues etc. We would be trusted, appreciated, supported and unconditionally loved. The old paradigm keeps you locked (conditions) into self for self without the conviction to sacrifice through unconditional love the self for those of real-life around you. As John Ake said " Unfortunately money and material wealth is an intoxicating mix. Those that have it are happy to live the lie in blissful ignorance and apathy. Those that don't have it, continue to allow themselves to be motivated by greed and envy in order to get it. It's a sad reality."

Fiona and I and our children are sinking in the economic quicksand of Mammon's old paradigm with our heads about to go under. This is the way of the old paradigm. The human race is incredibly selfish & greedy and most human beings including freedom fighters will allow this to happen. To most freedom fighters it is all talk and very little real (non-fiction) action. This is the truth. We, the Cristian family is a living proof of this delusional phenomena. Remember we are not pulling the strings of all the economic decisions that have sent us deep into Mammon's Quicksand. It is very hard to break away from FICTION, as FICTION has you glued on every level of FICTIONAL life bar your soul and even then, most of humanity are not familiarised with their soul and are estranged to it. In FICTION Darryl O'Bryan threatens us. In FICTION Nic Faulkner seeks to protect the constitution and imagines the negatives in me. In FICTION Gee Temp sits on the fence waiting for the second coming to resolve all our issues with FICTION. In FICTION many of you must work and be kept busy surviving Mammon's Obligations, so you have very little time or money to help whatever is left of the REAL WORLD such as the REAL Cristian Family.  

In FICTION many of you argue and fight over Mammon's concepts of GOVERNMENT, DEMOCRACY, CONSTITUTION, THE LAW, MONEY etc etc. In FICTION you become the actors in the story of....A town was divided in the middle by a river and everyone wanted a bridge to join the town for many years but it would never eventuate due to political reasons. Eventually people power forced the politicians to agree to build the bridge. The people on both sides of the river rejoiced. The politicians then asked the people what kind of bridge do you want and once you all agree they would get it built. Well 30 years later the people were still arguing over what kind of bridge would be built. The politicians are happy to keep it this way. This is how most Australians citizens and the freedom network behave today.

Most Australian Citizens and freedom fighters are very confused about what is real and what is not. Many of you fight to protect Mammon systems like our current Constitution that has done hardly anything towards helping the Cristian Family to this day. THIS IS THE TRUTH. LOOK, we are sinking in the economic quicksand real fast right now. We lost our business, our home, our incomes and soon our cars and much of our furniture. THIS IS NOT FICTION - THIS IS REALITY. If it was not fiction, then none of what happened to the Cristian family would have happened. But REALITY IS, IT IS HAPPENING and the CONSTITUTION IS NOT PROTECTING US. Forget all the excuses and reasons why. None of them have helped to stop what has happened to us thus far. If something was being done to stop this rot, then it would already be happening, but it hasn't! And this is the point I have been trying to get across to all of you dumbed down by the old paradigm for the last 5 days or so.

I again clarify the fact that I am writing from a distinctly different paradigm and all those stuck in the old paradigm use the conditioning of the old paradigm to relate and interpret my emails including this one. But the way of the REAL Paradigm that I write from is all about UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Do you comprehend what UNCONDITIONAL LOVE means? How does it work in your every day life 24/7? How do you show up as someone living and being with unconditional love 24/7 etc etc because when you are living unconditional love 24/7, you will have joined with us and allowed us to join with you, and together we build a world based on UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. As I have said over and over again, UNTIL WE FIX THE ISSUES OF LOVE THERE IS NO POINT WASTING OUR TIME OVER ANYTHING ELSE! The Cristian Family is sinking terribly quick into Mammon's Economic Quicksand because the REAL issues of love have not been dealt with as yet, because if it had, we would not be experiencing this delusional phenomena and left abandoned almost all alone to fend for ourselves. PLEASE WAKE UP HUMAN BEINGS. UNLESS YOU SACRIFICE YOUR SELF (YOUR EGO WITH ITS STORIES OF SELF SURVIVAL) MANY MILLIONS OF AUSTRALIANS ARE HEADING FOR THE QUICKSAND VERY SOON AS WELL. The writing is on the wall. PLEASE WAKE UP. Mammon, those of the rebellion intends on collapsing this world into a permanent state of hell. They are not interested in the survival of this planet and everything on it. Can't you see this or feel this already? Just look around you and feel this from your heart. They want to trap every soul they can trap so that billions of trapped souls continue serving the rebellion in their lunatic idea of so called hell.

It is these old paradigms where Mammon is set and where Mammon is attacking my family from as well. I am coming from a paradigm that has me love humanity in such a way that I am willingly being highly motivated, inspired, enthusiastic, passionate, self-sacrificing and determined to shine the light of this distinctly different paradigm into the old one, and help those souls who seek to help themselves. It will only be appreciated for who I really am by those who awaken to the unconditional love paradigm and have become attuned to it. The Love For Life Campaign is the action, the determination to bring about this unconditional love paradigm into the human experience. The Love For Life Campaign IS REAL and its sole purpose is to help citizens let go of their SEPARATION ADDICTIONS that keeps them detached from
UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. To become the Unconditional Love for life that will set free this nation from the old paradigm of ego, greed, selfishness, tyranny, lies & secrets etc.

We do not require your sympathy and sadness with what is happening to us. These are just signs of hopelessness and unwillingness to do nothing to fix this problem. We seek to inspire you to be seen to be doing something about fixing this madness on earth before we all go under the quicksand. It is still not too late to turn things around. We now leave ourselves open to whatever opportunity present themselves because we are devoted to the Love For Life Campaign and the Psychic Reign Music. We will continue to sacrifice the self for unconditional love. This is the only door way through to the paradigm of unconditional love. We are all being tested over and over again by God. What we do in this life impacts where we end up after this life. We are tested for our ability to love and it is this ability to love, developed or not, that our soul takes with us to the other side. Nothing else can survive the shift because they are all just tools for the testing of our ability to love. May you have developed your ability to love so that you will feel/see the light and return home and not be trapped in the hell of your own making. Yes, hell is real. Just look around you and realise AS ABOVE - SO BELOW - AS WITHIN - SO WITHOUT. In recent times I was taken by spirit into hell (The Astral World) a few times and there I witnessed the enormity of lost souls trapped and unable to feel/see the light and unable to be rescued while in ignorance of the light. You can never-ever be lost while you follow your real feelings through life and your real feelings come from Unconditional Love.

We might be off-line with the internet for sometime to concentrate solely on what we do next in protecting the children, keep a roof over our heads while we continue to bring to fruition the Love For Life Campaign and the Psychic Reign Music. We trust this process and whatever happens will become the making of us, the Love for Life Campaign and the Psychic Reign music. It might be best to ring us on the mobile phone just in case 0418 203204.  We now want to thank all of you special men and women who came into our lives and helped us when we needed it the most, since July 2005 with the starting of the ATO garbage. You know who you all are. A particular thank you goes to Joe Bryant, John Wilson, Tony Cadden, Richard Gass, David Hall, Glen, Gordon, Clemens & Phil Atkinson. These men have put many months of their time into our lives and we have become better people because of them.

All the best
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life Campaign

Email: af at or action at
Phone: 0418 203204
Mail: PO Box 1320 Bowral NSW 2576 Australia
Date: Today 11:38:44
From: "Arthur Cristian" af at  (Psychic Reign)



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