Fulford's "illuminati" interview 'truth-tested' using Reverse Speech

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The following comments relate to the Henry Makow article "Chinese Secret Society
Challenges Illuminati", posted at the following links:


For anyone who is interested in hearing the Rense Program's interview with this guy, here is the download link (MP3 file , 26.2 Mb - nearly 2 hours ):


(As a sideline here, if I recall correctly, Fulford says in the interview that his great grandfather was murdered for being benefactor to Nikola Telsa's efforts).

>From what I can gather, this guy did write for Forbes Magazine in their Japan burea, as well as writing for some Japanese weekly magazines. I noted with interest a Japan Times Online article dated 22nd March 2005 which says:

"There are magazines everywhere which will invite a foreign correspondent or locally based writer to sit down and talk about Japan," notes veteran Japan-based journalist, Mark Schreiber.

But he points out there is a big difference between being a commentator on Japan and being a reporter researching and writing in Japanese.

One foreigner who does the latter is Benjamin Fulford, an author and freelance journalist who has written for both Japanese weekly magazines and foreign publications.

Fulford says he pitches articles to Japanese magazines that many Japanese journalists will not, or cannot, cover.

"The big taboos are 'burakumin' (Japan's former outcast class), the Imperial Family, yakuza, negative stuff about big corporations -- any sort of corruption or big scandal that is not being investigated by the police," he says.

"It is safer to say it through me," says Fulford. "I have been told many times that if I was Japanese I would have been killed already."

During 20 years in Japan, Fulford, who is from Canada, has built a reciprocal relationship with the Japanese media that can provide useful leads, sometimes entire stories.

"They come to you with a story -- 'We can't write it, but if you run it, we will follow through.' "

Foreign journalists can sometimes play the role of a "Judas goat," says Schreiber. "They run with stuff that Japanese (journalists) give them." The more sensitive the topic, the more likely it is to go to a foreign journalist, even a publication overseas.

Indeed, several huge stories on the Japanese Imperial Family have already been broken this way.

But Fulford believes that, on the whole, the Japanese media has become less free than it was. "The lawsuits and the harassment have whittled down (Japanese journalists') will to speak the truth." On the other hand, he notes, there are more opportunities for foreign journalists now to work in the Japanese media, perhaps even to cover stories Japanese journalists can't or won't touch."

Certainly doesn't sound like the japanese media will touch this latest Fulford revelation :).

Some years ago, Fulford attracted criticism from an American buddhist association after doing an article for Forbes magazine called "Sensei's World". The USA branch of Soka Gakkai International lodged a written protest to Forbes in 2004 claiming that the article negatively portrayed the SGI.

Today the Rense Program released results of a Reverse Speech analysis on Fulford's interview in order to get a clue as to whether he is bluffing. Reverse Speech is a disputed method of analyzing underlying intentions behind spoken words. It involves playing recordings of speech backwards at various speeds (sounds familiar?).

In an article published recently on the Rense website, "The History of the Illuminati", Fulford says of this Chinese secret society ultimatum : "My sources for this account include a broad array of extremely senior Japanese, Chinese and Russian government officials".

Assuming even half of what he says is accurate, then like Makow, I hope he's not setting himself up as a fall-guy LOL :)

The Reverse Speech website has now released their findings on the Fulford interview.

An analysis of Fulford's reversals shows that he is telling a true story. His reversals are congruent with his tale. Sometimes they will give extra information, other times repeat his warnings or even reveal his own personal feelings. There is no hint of deception on his part. Of interest is his frequent use of the word "they" in reverse, as he references the various factions in his tale. Also of interest is his specific use of the word "warning" on three occasions. This is, of course, the theme of his interview as he places the Illuminati on notice - and it only adds to his overall credibility.

The entire analysis can be viewed at




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