Gathering of Arab Resistance forces in Europe

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1) Iraqi govt to hang three young women for resistance
2) Gathering of Arab Resistance forces in Europe
3) Lebanese stalemate
4) Serbian people remains defiant to West


1) Iraqi govt to hang three young women for resistance
Lawyer calls for solidarity action

The Supreme Iraqi Criminal Court sentenced three women to death by hanging on charges of complicity in the murder of Iraqi policemen loyal to the occupation and participation in what the Court considered to be terrorism. According to a source from within the Iraqi Lawyers Union the three women are:

Wacen Taleb (31 years): charged for killing five police officers by participation in a gunfire attack

Zainab Fadhel (25 years): charged for attacking a joint patrol of the Iraqi the American army  last September with her husband and her cousin in Baghdad.

Lika Omar Muhammad (26 years): charged for participating in the killing of officials in the Green Zone with her husband and her brother

Walid Hayali, lawyer and member the Iraqi Lawyers Union, said the Court issued a ruling under item (156) against the three women without allowing them to engage legal counsel. The lawyer calls upon the whole world to move to stop the execution of three women and to condemn the Court's ruling. He pointed out that Lika Omar Muhammad gave birth to her daughter in prison a few months ago and that she is still nursing while Wacen Taleb carries the responsibility for a three-year-old daughter. He explained that the three ladies are now in the prison "Kazim Yeh" in the Kazimiyah district of Baghdad.

Received from the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance (IPA)


2) Gathering of Arab Resistance forces in Europe

For March 24/25 a major gathering of political representatives of the resistance forces from Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon have been scheduled. It will take in Italy in Chianciano between Rome and Florence. It is the first time such an event has become possible in Europe. There are two major factors for this change. Firstly, while the anti-war movement is suffering from a serious reflux the anti-imperialist component in support of the resistances has been consolidated. Nobody can any more deny that the popular resistance movements are the main factor to stop the imperial war machine. Secondly, the governmental change in Italy. While the Prodi government is as servile to the US as Berlusconi, it nevertheless came to office by promising a change of foreign policy. Therefore it will be definitely more difficult for the current govt to impede the conference than it was for Berlusconi.

Arab speakers:


Further information:


3) Lebanese stalemate
Interview with Saham Idriss on the pro-US forces to instigate a civil war, the difficulties of the popular opposition and the bias of the UNIFIL

Q: The international troops deployed in Lebanon are declared to be peace forces. But aren't they helping a government which has lost its democratic legitimacy and turned into an Western puppet thus becoming a driving factor of the conflict?

The UNIFIL forces are there to protect Israel. That's what the German Counsellor declared back in October. Otherwise, UNIFIL should have deployed on both sides of the Lebanese/Israeli borders, as Robert Fisk (no fan of Hezbollah) noticed. Now both Israel and Hezbollah needed the war to stop: The war was not getting Israel anywhere closer to defeating its foe, and Hezbollah after 34 days of war felt pressure on all fronts (particularly with the refugees from the south settled in areas not very welcoming, to say the least. So an amended 1701 that allowed UNIFIL to help the Lebanese Army deploy in the south was deemed good for both warring parties. However UNIFIL started to raise suspicions amongst the people in the south as well as Hezbollah's leadership: The Spanish battalion searched houses and arrested people; French troops abstained from attacking Israeli warplanes that flew above their headquarters; Israelis continue to breach Lebanese sovereignty on a daily basis without
 the UNIFIL lifting a finger. With the current western support for the Siniora government, the presence of UNIFIL in the south is certainly seen as a moral boost to say the least to that government.

Full interview:


4) Serbian people remains defiant to imperialist normalisation
Anti-Western sentiment dominant among popular masses

The last Serbian elections showed a net polarisation. On one side there are the anti-Western forces led by the Radical Party (SRS) which remains by far the strongest party. Then there is still the Socialist Party (SPS) which could once again surpass the 5% threshold. Together they represent the popular classes. On the other had there is the pro-Western governmental so-called "Democratic" bloc which led the counter-revolution against the Milosevic government in the interest of imperialism. The main result of the election was that within the Western bloc the completely pro-Western Democratic Party (DS) gained to the detriment of the bourgeois nationalist Kostunica.

The profiteers of neo-capitalism and neo-colonialism - and those who hope to become it - do not want to continue Kostunica's double game between the lines. They want a full submission to the West in order to become a normalised part of imperialist Europe like the rest of Eastern Europe.

The point of crystallisation of the popular opposition is the national question of Kosovo and the Serbian-populated territories in the other former republics of Yugoslavia. But behind this insistence on the right to self-determination is hidden an opposition against neo-colonialist plunder and savage capitalism. While not clearly articulated, national sovereignty is connected with the vague wish of a development model different to the one imposed by imperialist capitalism.

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