General Update - Margaret

Submitted by Pine Gap 4 on Wed, 06/06/2007 - 07:34

The four defendants are all going well. Bryan is very happy and pleased
with the job that he is doing. The other barrister said that one of his
colleagues suspects Bryan of being a trained barrister! The others sound
totally competent as well and the Judge is sometimes quite flexible.

It’s cold here – Tomorrow will be about minus 3 in the morning apparently. But we
are warm enough.

Our community is lovely. Terry has been coordinating the stall. I have
been doing a fair bit of facilitating – assisting group decision making.
We are heading for three more public events – we are going to welcoming Mr
Peter Garrett at the RSL this evening with some of his own songs. We are
looking at doing a simple “die-in” in the Alice Mall on Friday. Its aim is
to link Pine Gap with war. And on Saturday we are looking at a plain
looking, silentish Quaker style action at the Gates of Pine Gap. The
community will start to break up on the weekend though as people go back
to their normal lives.

It looks like the court case will go into next week. It is a long weekend.
Bryan has arranged for the expert witnesses to come on Tuesday and
Wednesday next week. Hopefully the prosecution will get through its
evidence today. And our mob will start presenting their own evidence

Thanks to everyone for their love and support. If you have a reading or
comment to contribute to the morning procession that would be very
welcome. Your thoughts and prayers are much appreciated.

Love Margaret

Wednesday proceedings
This morning we held a procession to court as usual. Barry read from Leo
Tolstoy – Tolstoy’s reflection of a civilised society and the violence he
witnessed in Paris that led to his taking a position of nonviolence.

Today we have heard briefly from the following witnesses.

Mr Kramer who owns the adjacent property to Pine Gap. His electric fence
had been cut so that Donna and Bryan could get through.
The AFP officer who checks the alarms through the night.
We saw the video of Jim and Adele crossing between the security fences –
the no-mans-land area.

Few were cross-examined or opposed except for occasional questions. Jim
explored the many false alarms – snakes mobile patrols goannas.



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