Gmail PowerPoint viewer is weak ....

Submitted by W.Peterson on Thu, 12/07/2007 - 16:45

So Gmail has a new PowerPoint Viewer. If you send a PowerPoint attachment to a Google Gmail client, they see something like this at the bottom of their email.

When your Gmail recipient clicks on the "View as slideshow" link, a browser window pops up with forward and backward buttons. This lets those with Gmail clients click through the slide portion your ppt file -- without using PowerPoint or other viewing software.

And while that's kind of nice -- here's the downside. Sorry, no pptx files -- only ppt. And no sound, animations, or show notes either. The visual quality of the Gmail slide presentation is weak. In my test, the fonts ran completely amok.

But the idea of PowerPoint presentation in Flash is very nice. If you really like Flash slideshows online, you'd better try some other presentation tools to convert PowerPoint to Flash. You can Google "PPT to SWF" to find these tools.
And my recommendation here:

If you just want to try a geeky stuff, Google did a nice job.




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