Government Not Interested In Child Abuse

Submitted by Marilyn Rayn on Fri, 29/06/2007 - 17:46

I am writing this to voice my concerns.I have a 6 year old daughter which I fear has and still is being sexually abuse.I have notified the following departments which seems to do nothing more then wash their hands of this matter.

-Child safety (qld)(07)4190 4560
-Qeensland police (07) 4123 8111
-The children Services Tribunal (07) 3225 8346
-Volatile Substance Misuse for Young People (07) 3247 5525
-Hon Desley Boyle MP Minister for Child Safety
Minsters office (07) 3224 7477
-Shadow minsters office Jan Stockey (07) 55981387
-Department of children Services (Nsw) (02) 97056003
-Office of Director General (07) 3224 8113
-Central Complaints Brisbane 1800 080 464
-Crime and Misconduct Commission (07) 3360 6060
-Australia Federal Police (07) 3222 1516

I removed my daughter from her father's care on the 27th May after personally observing conserning behaviour as follows my daughter trying to pinch my bum,Play with my breasts,Touch me between my legs. My 6 year old daughter went into her grandfathers room while he was lying on the bed asleep started jumping on the bed then went and hopped on her grandfathers lap.Her grandfather woke up then my daughter said close your legs and I will jump on top of you.Its a game.

My daughter was in my care from the 27th may to 11 th June.Where I was forced to hand her back to her father's care. (Federal Recovery Order).

In the time that she was with me, She was showing this type of behaviour listed as follows :

After she first arrived here,She was showing signs of aggressive behaviour towards male adults.She was biting,scratching and kicking directly in the groin.

When she settled down she continued the behaiour of pinching bums,grabbing and squeezing my breasts,looking down the inside of my top,Siting directly on top of my friends groin with her legs spread on either side.

She likes to lay on my stomach on the bed to go to sleep.She tries to lay on top of me with her legs spread.

She has also put her hand down the back of my pants-she thinks it's a game

She likes to stick out her tongue and get an adult to do the same and then get her tongue to touch the other tongue.

My daughter has also stated the following to me:

She has mentioned that her dad used to play special games with her.But dad doesn't play special games anymore.

She has told me that she sleeps in a nighty and undies.She sleeps next to her dad in his bed and she wakes up to find that sometimes he is nude.

After removing my daughter because my cryie were falling on deaf ears.We left the state of Queensland and went to Sydney (NSW).I took notes of everything I had seen and was told to the department of family services (NSW) known as (docs).AFter I reported all the information, a court recovery order was handed down for the return of my daughter to her father's care. (From the Qlds court).

I spoke to an officer in the Australia federal police Who I reported all the information to. The officer informed me That they would not do a investigation until I returned my daughter.

At this point I would like to note that the department of family services (nsw) Classed this as an Urgent matter that the department of Qld needs to look into.And these are serious allegations.

The department of nsw (docs) also faxed all this information onto the departments of child safety.(Intake officer).

1 week after the return of my daughter and hearing nothing to her fathers care I phone the department of child safety and spoke to a case worker in charge of this case. I asked if anyone has been out to make sure if she was safe. The case worker in charge of this case responded No one has checked and we don't even know if they are back in this state yet.

I then phoned the Queensland police who put me threw to one of their special child units.

I started phoning this department everyday to make sure that my daughter was safe after about 3 days from the first contact I finally got in touch with someone in this department again and they said that someone went out to see my daughter 20 mins ago.

I was then told they took her into the next room and asked my daughter some questions. I was then told the only thing that my daughter would say is that "MY MUMMY STOLE ME".

The Department of Queensland police and child safety stated they never asked my daughter where she sleeps.

The child safety case worker also replied stated its normal for a 6 year old to sleep in her dads bed.

After being informed of this I was then told that it's in the hands of the child safety case worker hands.I phoned the case worker right away again and asked whats going on I was informed that the only thing that they found was that my daughter has an eating problem and they are having trouble getting her to eat and they don't know why.

After that was stated the case worker then asked me Why DID YOU TAKE YOUR DAUGHTER and kept repeating this question up to 3 times.Then stated this is a department for protection of child not disputes and get a lawyer and take it to court.

I then contacted Volatile Substance Misuse for Young People and I was told by them there's nothing there can do it's up to child safety and the case is closed. And they stated get a lawyer.

I then phone The children Services Tribunal who informed me to take this matter to the Central Complaints Brisbane and Crime and Misconduct Commission.
I phoned the Central Complaints Brisbane only to get a recording answering machine message saying it will take up to 3 days for us to get back to you.I left my name and number and still to this day waiting to hear back.

I then phoned the Crime and Misconduct Commission. And was told that their department only handles complaints against government departments.

With having no luck I tracked down the phone number of the Minister for Child Safety, Minsters office. I spoke to a person in this office and was told them of everything. I was then told leave it with them if you haven't heard anything from me in the next 2 days phone me back.

I waited the 2 days I phoned back spoke to the same person who replied "Hasn't anyone contacted you yet" Then this person went on to saying there are only the middle person and they have to wait for a department to get back to them on this matter.

The following day I contacted The shadow minsters office. I spoke to a person in this department and informed them what was going on they said for me to get back in touch with the The children Services Tribunal and put a complaint in writing and send it to them/or fax. I Phoned up this department asking for the fax number to put in a complaint I was transfered to a senior person in there department and was told they WILL NOT ACCEPT my complaint because my daughter isn't in the care of the child safety office.

I was also told to retry the departments of Crime and Misconduct Commission, Volatile Substance Misuse for Young People. By a person from the shadow minsters office.And I quote FROM this person If you don't get anywhere I know all the people in the minsters office phone me back and I will personally go down to there office and ask why isn't this matter being looked into.

I phoned the shadow minsters office back today and spoke to the person I was dealing with and told them whats going this person replyed "I have done all I can by giving you these phone numbers theres nothing more I can do get a lawyer".

This is not normal behaviour for a 6 year old little girl I have even asked these departments can my daugther be tested and they refused.

Only thing I can see in this matter is that this is set to go to court on the 30 July 2007 and all of this is to be put forward to a judge.Being a parent I am fearing the worst about the safety risk my daughter is in and theres nothing I can do NO ONE WILL LISTEN.

In the mean time I am trying to find a lawyer and have also been informed to put a application into the courts for my daughter to be accessed by a Court appointed Indenpendentt Specilist Psychiatrist.

Because I was in a mediation process win I remove my daughter legal aid has pulled all funding and closed this file.There is a history of my ex husband stopping me from having any contacted with my own daughter and according to this the department of child safety calls this nothing more them a dispute.

After the return of my daughter to her fathers care he has cut all contact to my daughter and all contact of my family side has been cut.No one is allowed to speak or have any access to my daughter from my side of my family.

I have also contacted channel 7,channel 9,channel 10 in relation to this seeking help.I was contacted by a person from today tonight who I Quote We have 1000's of calls like this daily.And they don't want to know about this matter.

All information was faxed direct to these channels.

If anyone would like to contact me concerning this matter please send a email to Pleadinghelp @

This is a Mothers cry for help and has been writen the hope that someone can help or provide information that can help.



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