(govtwatch4) US loses control of Taji Iraqi Resistance take out oil pipeline north of Baghdad

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The last 24 hours has been all bad news for American Aggressor forces in Iraq and wonderful news for the Iraqi peoples and their Resistance. Begining with the loss of 32 tanks and 30 of their crews (9), then fast followed by the loss of the Fallujah hospital went back to the Iraqi Resistance, The destruction by the Resistance of the buildings used to house the US aggressors equipment, food and ammo, arms supply, followed by the entrapment of large numbers US military personal in a position where air support is impossible, and with 40 tanks burning, .... at which time loud speakers were used by the American aggressor forces to call for a ceasefire in the hopes that the Iraqi Resistance will allow them to save their men from the well planned and executed Iraqi Resistance trap.

The loss of control of two cities and a greater portion of Baghdad yesterday and now today US loses control of a third city Taji and Iraqi Resistance take out oil pipeline north of Baghdad.

I personally was hoping for the loss of the "Green Zone" to the Iraqi Resistance but then I've always set my hopes higher than expectations but all in all if I was an American in Iraq I'd be chorking up this as a prick of a day.


Iron & Clay

November 14, 2004

TAJI,November 13, 2004 - Iraq There's word that Resistance have attacked an oil pipeline just north of Baghdad.

Witnesses report flames and heavy black smoke rising high into the sky. The pipeline carries crude oil to a refinery in the Iraqi capital. Five U-S helicopters have been hovering nearby. But no Iraqi security forces or firefighters have been spotted at the scene of the fire. Witnesses say Iraqi Resistance have taken control of the town of Taji, which is about 12 miles north of Baghdad. They have been distributing leaflets warning people not to leave their houses or open their shops for safety reasons.

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- Eze 33:6

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