Green Left Weekly #601, October 6, 2004

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Iraq: Get out now!

It's been a frequent refrain of US officials that Washington is winning its counter-insurgency war in Iraq. `It's very important for the people of the world really to know that we are winning, we are making progress in Iraq. We are defeating terrorists': in this case, however, it was US-installed Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi who made the claim. Of course the similarity between Allawi's claims and White House propaganda is hardly coincidental, as Allawi's Interim Government of Iraq is a creation of the US occupation. Moreover, Allawi's speech was drafted by US officials.

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* UNITED STATES: Troops suffer from Bush's war


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Green Left Weekly #601, October 6, 2004


Greenhouse denial: Kyoto treaty shame

The clock is ticking. If global industry's greenhouse gas emissions do not begin to be significantly and rapidly reduced within decades, humanity faces potentially catastrophic consequences. Yet, confronted with the world's most pressing environmental problem, Western governments have brazenly thrown their weight (and subsidies) behind the corporate polluters' efforts to stall the measures necessary to avert the crisis.

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Comment and Analysis

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Australian Elections 2004

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Cultural Dissent

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# Living in a new shadowland of uncertainty

# SKA-TV's activist awards return

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