The greens and the policy designed to burn Australia.

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Quote:Mislead No. 1. Brown claimed that the woodchips exported from Tasmania are "largely" from old-growth forests. This is false - and Senator Brown knows it.

Joe Bryant

(7) Kate Carnell vs Bob Brown over forestry operations in Tasmania

Kate Carnell Logging lobbyist

Kate Carnell, the former ACT chief minister, says Greens Senator Bob Brown has misled parliament.

12 February 2004

In yesterday's attack in the Senate on the Tasmanian forest industry and all its businesses, workers and representatives, Greens Senator Bob Brown misled Parliament on several points. (1:15pm, Wed 11th)

Mislead No. 1. Brown claimed that the woodchips exported from Tasmania are "largely" from old-growth forests. This is false - and Senator Brown knows it.

Well over half of Tasmania's pulpwood ("woodchips") comes from plantation resources (mostly privately owned), and of the remainder most pulpwood comes from non-old-growth forests. Even the State-owned native forest manager - Forestry Tasmania - says that only 10-20% of its sales for woodchips come from the by-products of the old-growth timber harvest.

Note that this is exactly the same 'mislead' that was the basis of the 'green push-polling' scandal that broke in Tasmania two weeks ago.

Mislead No. 2 - Brown claims that Timber Communities Australia is a "front organisation" for the industry. I understand that TCA claims about 70 branches and many thousands of members across Australia - more than the Greens Party! There is no doubt that they are a genuine, large scale grassroots community organisation.

Mislead No. 3 - Brown claims that my organisation (NAFI) and TCA share a "common executive director" - namely, me! I am the Executive Director of the National Association of Forest Industries. Mrs Jill Lewis is the National Director of TCA. Bob Brown knows these facts, which clearly means he has deliberately misled the Senate.

Mislead No. 4 - Brown claims that Timber Communities Australia is the "brainchild" of NAFI. TCA (then called the Forest Protection Society) was established in 1987. NAFI was not established until 1989.

Mislead No. 5 - Brown alleges "bullying" by TCA. Brown cites a story from last year where TCA Tasmania's Barry Chipman complained to the BBC about a one-sided report on Tasmanian forestry. It was Chipman's job to do so. In Britain an independent tribunal upheld much of Chipman's complaints and ordered an apology. This is not "bullying", but the right of ordinary people to seek justice and correction. This story was widely reported in the Hobart Mercury.

Mislead No. 6 - Brown claims that Tasmania's forests are being destroyed at "the greatest rate in history". In fact the harvest in forests of "old-growth" age has fallen to be now just over 1,000 hectares a year.

This area of forest is not harvested for pulpwood, but rather for high-quality sawlogs. The harvest area is fully regenerated.

Tasmania has 3.1 million hectares of forest cover (45% of the landmass), 1.2 million of which is at old-growth age. 0.850 million hectares is in reserves. The annual harvest is only 0.001 million hectares. These facts speak for themselves.

It is an established fact that Tasmania's forest coverage is actually growing.

Kate Carnell

(8) Kate Carnell says state governments being held hostage by the environmental movement

Green groups blamed for fuel build-up

Annabel Crabb, Richard Baker, Melissa Fyfe,
The Age (article),

January 22/1/2003

The forest industry has called for the right to clear trees in national parks, blaming poor maintenance and fuel build-up for the Victorian and Canberra fires.

The chief executive of the National Association of Forest Industries, former ACT chief minister Kate Carnell, said state governments were being held hostage by the environmental movement and were increasing fire dangers by prohibiting the removal of trees and fuel from national parks.

"This is about maintaining them properly," Mrs Carnell said. "It's about maybe even - shock, horror - allowing people to come into national parks and take out the fuel.

"In Victoria, in the north-east at the moment, fires are running through national parks that used to be working forests. They're burning out of control, and they'll continue to burn. They used to be working forests, and then they were locked up, and now they are all burnt - it's hard to say how that's a good result for the environment."

Victoria's opposition environment spokesman, Tony Plowman, said yesterday he also believed that not enough burning of fuels had been done to reduce the severity of bushfires.

"I feel quite strongly about this," he said. "We've been under the pressure of environmentalists to continue to reduce the amount of fuel reduction burning, and this has exacerbated the bushfire problem."

Gippsland East independent MP Craig Ingram said the government had to provide the managers of public land with enough money to undertake proper fuel reduction.

Environment Minister John Thwaites denied that to appease conservationists the government had not done controlled burning during the winter. "There is controlled burning in the off-season months," he said. "That is limited by the weather and the ability to do that.

"There is absolutely no decision made on the basis of conservationists or anyone else not to do this off-season burning."

Mick Fendley, of the Victorian National Parks Association, said national parks were the source of only 10 per cent of bushfires. He said logging and grazing in parks did not reduce the fire risk and, if anything, it promoted fire.

"We must resist the unprincipled who seek to use the human tragedy of the current Canberra fires to further their bash the bush agenda," he said.

The Federal Government is likely to carry out a national review of bushfire protection measures, and Territories Minister Wilson Tuckey yesterday repeated his view that excess fuel in national parks had contributed to the rapid spread of the weekend's devastating fires in Canberra.

Greens Senator Bob Brown supported the proposal for a national review of bushfire precautions yesterday, but said it should also examine other contributors to fire risk, including the tendency towards hotter summers, caused by global warming.

He said Mrs Carnell's suggestions were driven by profit motive and the industry's desire to expand its reach into national parks.

He denied any suggestion that the environment movement was contributing to fire risk.

"Our forests are being cut down and our woodlands are being cleared at the greatest rate in our history, and the fires are getting worse," he said.

NAFI National Association of Forest Industries



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