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Submitted by Editor on Fri, 30/07/2004 - 21:31

Cunningham MP Michael Organ today called on Labor's endorsed candidate for the seat to disclose her position on the US/Australia Free Trade Agreement in the light of widespread union opposition.

Clark, Allen (M. Organ, MP)


Thursday, July 29, 2004

"The ACTU has decided that the FTA is a preferential trade deal in the immediate interest of US companies which will cost jobs in the manufacturing industries, the South Coast Labour Council agrees, the AMWU says it will make Australia $47 billion worse off and a significant number of senior Opposition figures, including Throsby MP Jennie George, have serious concerns about it, so the electorate is entitled to know what Sharon Bird's position is", Mr. Organ said.

"When I spoke against the US Free Trade Agreement Implementation Bill in the House of Representatives on 24 June I said that the fact that our government is seeking to paint meagre concessions and horrendous potential damages as overall 'wins' for Australia is at best naïve and at worst anti-Australian."

"I also told the parliament that the costs of this deal dramatically outweigh the benefits and will cause irreversible damage to our economy, to our major national institutions, and to our enviable status as a disease-free producer."

"That's why I called for a division in the House, a division which saw Labor vote with the government to pass the Bill."

"And that's why Sharon Bird needs to disclose her position on the Free Trade Agreement", Mr. Organ said.

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