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Greens Cunningham MP Michael Organ expects BlueScope Steel to remove the ongoing uncertainty for around 60 employees at the steel works who face retrenchment, by offering them all permanent employment today. :)

Bolwell, Kristian (M. Organ, MP)

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Michael Organ MP
Greens Member for Cunningham

26 AUGUST 2004

"The starting point here is that this year, BlueScope Steel increased its annual profit by 29 per cent on the previous year making a record $584 Million dollars in the process," Michael Organ said.

"A lot of that profit is from the workers at Port Kembla who exceeded production records. So make no mistake, the money to provide certainty to these workers is there and the moral obligation to do so is there as well,"

"I can't believe that this international conglomerate can't find enough money in that enormous return to offer a few workers the chance to retire with dignity. Many of these workers would have worked for the company for years, BlueScope can't leave its workers high and dry-that's unacceptable, " Michael Organ said.

"At the announcement of these record profits, Mr Kirby Adams, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of BlueScope Steel said: "BlueScope Steel employees have responded with vigour to one of the most dynamic global steel markets ever"- I call on BlueScope steel to respond with an equal amount of vigour to protect its workforce from the void of unemployment- and to do so today," Michael Organ said.

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