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Victorian Greens welcome for election announcement
The announcement today by the Prime Minister John Howard of an 9 October election is his attempt to avoid scrutiny of the children overboard affair in parliament said Australian Greens Senate candidate for Victoria David Risstrom.

Simon Lansdown



Sunday, 29 August 2004

David Risstrom the No 1 Senate candidate for Victoria represents the best chance of a Greens getting a Victorian in federal parliament. The Greens support is stronger now and than in any previous election and many political commentators are saying that Mr Risstrom is likely to get elected.

"The Greens welcome the announcement of an October 9 election and will hold the Prime Minister to account over his past actions including the children overboard affair and Iraq".

"John Howard's call today to dissolve parliament is his attempt to avoid difficult questions in parliament over the next two weeks".

"He knows the Australian public want him to tell the truth about the children overboard and this is his attempt to avoid that scrutiny".

"Voters want parliamentarians with integrity and that are honest. This is why Greens support is growing. The Greens offer voters integrity and honesty. People see Senator Bob Brown, Senator Kerry Nettle and Michael Organ in parliament and know they can trust them to keep their word".

"The Greens represent the only real and effective alternative in Australian federal parliament", said Mr Risstrom.



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