(Greens-Media) Fremantle to unwelcome nuclear ship

Submitted by Editor on Tue, 28/09/2004 - 19:21

Federal Fremantle Greens candidate and member of the Fremantle Anti Nuclear Group, Nicola Paris, will be joined by peace and anti-nuclear activists tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at the E-Shed Markets in Fremantle to 'unwelcome' the nuclear powered USS Stennis and its battle group.

Nicola Paris

September 28, 2004

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"We will be coming out tomorrow to represent the large section of the Fremantle, and indeed Perth community that want to see an end to warship visits. At a time when the US is still responsible for the daily civilian death toll in Iraq rising it is completely inappropriate to harbour these killing machines," said Ms Paris.

"This aircraft carrier is nuclear powered and has a concerning accident history - apart from the implicit support we are giving the US government in their illegal war, it is simply dangerous to have a nuclear reactor moored at our front door.

The USS Stennis has been engaged in live bombing practice off the coast of Lancelin, much to the disgust of local residents.

Lead Senate candidate Rachel Siewert commented, "It is obscene that the residents of Lancelin are subjected to the noise, pollution and potentially catastrophic environmental contamination of having bombs lobbed on their door stop by a foreign government.

"How can John Howard allow a small regional community, in particular a group of mainly pensioners, living nearby the bombing range, put up with this disaster waiting to happen. Since Howard got into government he has led us into illegal wars, locked up children and committed to further jeopardising our sovereignty by allowing expansion of US Military facilities.

"Howard has not made us safer - he has put us at much greater risk by pandering to the US at every turn."

USS Stennis and battle group arriving Tuesday 28th morning.

Activists gathering 7:15am for demonstration at E-Shed markets (near Rottnest ferry) and street theatre in Fremantle afterwards.

Contact Nicola Paris for further information, 0422 99 00 40

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