(Greens-Media) Greens condemn Democrat and Labor support of religious right

Submitted by Editor on Tue, 21/09/2004 - 01:37

The Victorian Greens Number 1 Senate candidate David Risstrom today condemned the decision of the ALP and Democrats to preference to the extreme right Family First Party ahead of other progressive parties including the Greens.

Kens Comment: The Greens, Womens Policy is discriminatory .... just like the ALP and Democrats. You have nothing for families or children but heaps for tree huggers and Gays.

Simon Lansdown

The Australian GREENS



Monday 20th September 2004

Risstrom remains optimistic about picking up a Senate seat in Victoria given the strong statewide support for the Greens and Risstrom's hard work and proven credibility in the community as a former Melbourne City Councillor.

"This will deal a demoralising blow to those Democrat supporters who had remained loyal to the party despite their poor polling. This will lead to those Democrat voters turning to other parties including the Greens."

"I expect the deal will see ALP votes go to the Greens, as more people vote 1 Green to secure a strong voice in their Parliament."

The Greens recognise the Australian tradition is abouttolerance and acceptance of all religions and all cultures, said Risstrom.

Family First are a religious right grouping who support 'physical punishment' of children, and oppose defacto and gay marriage, as well as opposing euthenasia and abortion rights. Family First is also subject to an undemocratic party structure, in which 12 board members make all the decisions of the party.*

The real choice is between Liberal / Labor domination or having a Victorian Green voice in our parliament.

Those who support real democracy and fairness need to vote 1 Greens on October 9.

For interview contact: James Norman - 0415248768

*Source Family First website

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