(Greens-Media) Greens fight fisheries death ship

Submitted by Editor on Sat, 28/08/2004 - 21:11

The Greens will fight any attempt to dispatch the MC Veronica supertrawler in waters off the NSW coast, including civil disobedience measures if necessary.

Hans van Leeuwen

August 28, 2004

"These supertrawlers are unwelcome in Australian waters," said Greens Senate candidate Dr John Kaye.

"These outlandish vessels represent the most unsustainable form of fishing. Like a vacuum cleaner, they indiscriminately tear through the oceans, destroying everything in their path.

"One of the three target areas of this joint venture is in Commonwealth-controlled waters of southern New South Wales.

"The Greens are committed to preventing the kind of overfishing in NSW that has decimated fish stocks in the North Atlantic.

"Supertrawlers present a particular danger in Australian waters, given that our governments have failed to provide sufficient marine sanctuaries to ensure that fish stocks can recover from intensive factory fishing.

"Not only do supertrawlers spell disaster for fish stocks, but there is potential for huge collateral damage to species like seals, turtles, dolphins, whales and birds.

"Australia does not yet have the baseline studies to appropriately regulate the operation of this kind of vessel.

"Allowing unfettered access to supertrawlers could drive important fish stocks to extinction," said Dr Kaye.

Hans van Leeuwen
Media Officer
NSW Greens federal election campaign
02 9519 0877
0425 310 562



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