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Submitted by Editor on Fri, 03/09/2004 - 01:12

Greens Senate Candidate for Victoria, Cr. David Risstrom, has pledged to present a bill that requires the economic, social and environmental implications of proposed laws to be identified and genuine progress indicators to be published.

Cr David Risstrom-Vic Senate Candidate

September 2, 2004


Greens Media Release - Tues 31 Aug 04

Cr. Risstrom said, "As Melbourne City Councillor, I introduced triple bottom line governance to the City of Melbourne in 1999, which is now operating and leading Australian government practice.

"Triple bottom line governance considers the economic, environmental and social implications of decisions, rather than the "single economic bottom line".

"It is time the Federal Parliament was given the opportunity to understand the real world impact of the legislation before they passed it.

Cr. Risstrom also pledged to seek the adoption of Genuine Progress Indicators to measure the real progress of Australian society, rather than reliance on Gross Domestic Product alone.

"There is strong evidence, as Australia Institute research shows, of a growing disjunct between purely economic measures such as Gross Domestic Product and the reality that Genuine Progress Indicators illustrate.

Making decisions solely on economic criteria may be easier, but risks distorting and leaving public policy out of touch with reality. The Alaskan Exxon Valdez"s oil spill contribution to the USA"s GDP is an excellent example.

Growth at the expense of the environment is unsustainable. Nor does it extend people"s wellbeing. Our National Accounts figures released today should reflect this², Cr. Risstrom concluded.

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