(Greens-Media) Greens pursue legal action against Family First 'Dirty Work'

Submitted by Editor on Wed, 29/09/2004 - 18:14

Greens Victorian number 1 senate candidate David Risstrom today said he was very disappointed with the action of the Assemblies of God backed Family First Party in launching a dishonest federal advertising campaign against the Greens.

James Norman



Greens Take Family First 'Dirty Work' to AEC

Wednesday 29th September 2004

The Greens have lodged a formal complaint with the AEC, and will consider further legal action against Family First today.

The advertisements make the deceitful claim that the Greens are "giving my kids easy access to marijuana" and wish to legalize heroin and ecstasy. The claims are blatantly untrue, as the Greens have no such policy of legalizing illegal drugs, and none of the parties drugs policies are aimed at children.

Risstrom said the Greens have no problem with genuine scrutiny of the parties policies, but do object to blatant fear mongering and dishonesty from the fledging Family First Party.

"This is a new party that's doing the dirty work of the Howard government," said Risstrom.

Greens leader Bob Brown also warned that the real agenda behind Family First was to deliver John Howard complete control of the federal senate.Senator Brown said he was concerned at the prospect of the Coalition controlling the Senate in partnership with the religious Right.

"They (Family First) are being quite cocky about it, saying they have an arrangement with the Prime Minister," he said. "They are really becoming in this election a central part of the Prime Minister's design to turn the Senate into a rubber stamp."

Risstrom said that the Greens are committed to religious diversity, and the real issue here is dishonesty in advertising.

"It is disappointing that a party putting itself forward as being all about traditional values and honesty would enter the fray with a national advertising campaign based on lies."

"They should be called the Family Second party, because their primary interest seems to be more about spreading lies aimed at damaging the Greens," said Risstrom.

Greens national campaign coordinator Andrew Burke will today seek a meeting with the AEC to follow up on the complaint. If the AEC fails to act, the Greens will consider a court injunction.


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