(Greens-Media) Greens say Labor should support bill for three-year terms

Submitted by Editor on Sun, 29/08/2004 - 18:39

Greens Senator Bob Brown says Labor leader Mark Latham should commit to fixed three-year terms of federal parliament by supporting the Greens' private members' bill for fixed election dates, to be introduced next week in the Senate.

Willis, Katrina (Sen B. Brown)

28 August 2004

"Fixed three year terms simply require an act of Parliament," Senator Brown said.

"Many voters tell me they want set elections. They are angered by Prime Minister Howard's failure to set a date as the long, phoney campaign drags on, awaiting his pleasure at the country's expense.

"Labor says it wants fixed four-year terms, knowing this requires a referendum because the Constitution has set Senate terms at six years and so half-Senate elections every three years.

"Just two weeks ago, Labor joined the Coalition to vote down a Greens' motion for fixed three-year terms.

"It should turn this around and support the Greens' bill for a fixed election date next week," said Senator Brown.

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