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Melbourne Greens house of representatives candidate Gemma Pinnell today said she was encouraged by national polls indicating surging support for the party. The Age Poll put the Greens national support at 9%, while Newspoll has the party at 8% nationally.

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Tuesday, 7 September 2004

Ms Pinnell says that on these figures, the inner city seat of Melbourne is well within the parties grasp.

"Despite continued criticism of the party from the Howard government, and widespread media scrutiny of the parties policies, public support for the Greens continues to rise."

"The public are not fooled by the 'greens under the bed' comments from Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson, nor Howards claim that Greens policies are 'kooky'," said Pinnell.

Issues that continue to attract voters to the Greens in the seat of Melbourne include anger over the major parties opposition to gay marriage, mistrust over Tasmanian forest policy, and a more humane Greens immigration policy, she said.

"In an election based around trust, the Greens are emerging for many as the only party deserving of voter trust."

"By late Spring, Melbourne could be Green."



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