(Greens-Media) Howard’s drug policies welcomed by pushers

Submitted by Editor on Wed, 01/09/2004 - 01:26

The Howard Government supports drug policies that limit the ability of drug users to access counselling services, while enriching large-scale drug manufacturers and dealers, The Greens have warned. :(

John Kaye

Media Release: 31 Aug 04

"The Prime Minister has the temerity to attack The Greens' drugs policy, when his own government's policies have perpetuated the cycle of criminality and addiction associated with drugs," said Greens NSW Senate candidate John Kaye.

"The current system of criminalising small-time drug users does not work.

"The Greens have positive policies, based on harm minimisation, that ensure drug users can access health services and counselling rather than being further criminalised and marginalised.

"The Greens policies would also freeze out the kingpins who thrive on the continuing illegality of drugs, making millions from suffering and addiction.

"The traditional law-and-order approach to drugs has failed, yet Howard and Labor irrationally cling to it.

"When a policy doesn't work, the sensible strategy is to try something else. That's what The Greens are doing.

"We believe the community wants solutions, not the empty rhetoric and failed policies of the major parties.

"The Greens encourage debate on drugs policy, and we expect to play a leading role in the push for change," Dr Kaye said.

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