(Greens-Media) Howard takes environment off launch agenda

Submitted by Editor on Sun, 26/09/2004 - 20:34

John Howard's claim that his government is the centre of environmental responsibility collapsed today when he failed to mention any environmental issue in his campaign launch," Greens Senator Bob Brown said.

Willis, Katrina (Sen B. Brown)


Sunday, 26 September 2004

"His unadorned reference to Australia's 'precious environment' is in stark contrast to his government's agreement to logging of Tasmania's old growth forests," Senator Brown said.

Senator Brown called on the Prime Minister to release details of recent talks with the religious right Family First Party.

At the Greens NSW election campaign launch in Sydney today, Senator Brown warned that Mr Howard is planning to take control of the Senate with one or two religious right senators elected on October 9.

"The only sure way to prevent this is voting for the Greens in the Senate," Senator Brown told a cheering audience.

Following the Sunday program's revelations of pesticide contamination of waterways in Tasmania, Senator Brown called for a royal commission into Tasmania's logging and woodchip industry.

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