(Greens-Media) Howard's policy of cruel deportation to vicious regimes continues

Submitted by Editor on Fri, 15/10/2004 - 22:40

Greens Senator Kerry Nettle today labelled the actions of the Prime Minister, Minister for Immigration and DIMIA officials responsible for the forced deportation of a man to Iran yesterday as 'unconscionable acts of cruelty.'

Edwards, Jon (Sen K. Nettle)


The Iranian man was snatched from his church service in Baxter Detention Centre yesterday with no chance to farewell his friends and forcibly deported to Iran where DIMIA officials admit they have no intention of monitoring his treatment on arrival.

"The deportation of asylum seekers to regimes infamous for their human rights abuses, which we know pose a real threat to the safety of these individuals, represents a wilful act of cruelty in the name of spurious policy objectives," Senator Nettle said.

"I have asked the Minister to cease the practice of deporting failed asylum seekers to dangerous countries but it appears that, post election, the Minister has resumed business as usual.

"We know that some asylum seekers deported from Australia are beaten, tortured and in some cases have been killed or disappeared. The Minister has the blood and suffering of these victims on her hands and must be called to account.

"The Greens will be continuing to raise the awareness in the community of these inhumane acts and put the maximum pressure on the government to change this cruel policy."

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