(Greens-Media) Labor's industrial relations policy sop to betrayed workers

Submitted by Editor on Fri, 06/08/2004 - 18:50

Labor's release of its industrial relations policy today will not deflect the trade union movement's attention away from the party's betrayal over the US-Australia Free Trade Agreement (FTA), The Greens have said.

Hans van Leeuwen
August 6, 2004

"Labor's industrial relations policy contains some welcome initiatives, but this cannot compensate for the 50,000 manufacturing jobs that will be lost because Labor is backing the FTA," said Greens NSW Senate candidate John Kaye.

"Labor has also betrayed workers in the media, entertainment and arts industries by conceding the FTA's restrictive provisions on local content and copyright.

"We welcome Labor's latest policy announcement, which includes pursuing unpaid entitlements and abolishing the Building Industry Taskforce. But that won't help those workers whose jobs are on the line because of the FTA.

"If Mark Latham had listened to the trade union movement's concerns, he would have joined The Greens in standing firm against the free trade deal.

"Labor's announcement today also missed the opportunity to attack some of the worst aspects of the Howard Government's destructive anti-worker agenda.

"The Greens are disappointed that Labor did not join us in opposing the secondary boycott provisions of the Trade Practices Act. We must stamp out non-union agreements and protect the right to strike.

"The Greens will be campaigning hard in the coming election for better pay and conditions, the protection of entitlements and workplace safety, the empowerment of trade unions and the introduction of industrial manslaughter laws," Mr Kaye said.

Hans van Leeuwen
Media Officer
NSW Greens federal election campaign
02 9519 0877
0425 310 562

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