(Greens-Media) Medical report shows no need for nuclear reactor in Sydney : Greens

Submitted by Editor on Mon, 30/08/2004 - 23:23

The Greens welcomed a report by doctors today that has challenged the need for a new nuclear reactor in Sydney.

Edwards, Jon (Sen K. Nettle)


The report released by the Medical Association for the Prevention of War says a new reactor is not required for medical purposes.

"This report demolishes the main argument the government makes for a new nuclear reactor", Greens Senator Kerry Nettle said today

"It is clear that like most countries in the world Australia can provide world's best health care with nuclear medicine sourced by other means than a reactor in Sydney's suburbs"

"Voters in Sydney do not want see a nuclear reactor in their backyard, when it is clear there is no medical justification"

"This report, following the Howard government's nuclear waste dump fiasco, reinforces the need for Labor and Liberal parties to commit to never switching the reactor on."

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