(Greens-Media) New reactor close to operation as Carr and Howard drop nuclear bundle

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Sydney is one step closer to having a new security risk to worry about, Greens MLC Ian Cohen said following an operating licence application being lodged earlier today for the new nuclear reactor under construction at Lucas Heights.
Paul Sheridan

Media Release

13 September, 2004

"A new nuclear reactor represents a direct security threat to the people of Sydney and both the Carr and Howard governments have failed to act and seek to remove this threat.

"Australia does not need a new reactor to supply its medical needs and the community overwhelmingly opposes a new reactor. What other incentive is required to get action from our governments?"

Mr Cohen said the Carr Government has failed to act on a NSW Parliamentary Inquiry report on storage and transport of nuclear waste, tabled in February, which recommended urgent action be taken.

"The Joint Select Committee recommended the new reactor under construction at Lucas Heights not be granted an operating licence until a thorough public inquiry had examined all viable alternatives to reactor-based nuclear medicine."

Mr Cohen, who was a member of the NSW Parliamentary Joint Select Committee Inquiry on Transport and Storage of Nuclear Waste, said the Carr Government must act quickly and use its legislative powers to block any new nuclear waste store being built in NSW.

"A key recommendation out of the NSW inquiry calls on the Carr Government to legislate against any planned federal transport of radioactive waste and to clearly indicate its opposition to any planned nuclear waste facility in NSW.

"NSW should now join South Australia and Western Australia, which have legislated against the Federal Government's plans, and demonstrate its commitment to the health and safety of the people of the state."

Mr Cohen said the NSW inquiry also recommended that the Federal Government investigate sourcing Australia's medical needs from alternative sources.

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